MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York books submissives and slaves for BDSM, fetish and femdom sessions


For first-time sessions see My "Our First Session" page and submit the proper "Introduction E-mail." Once we have experienced a successful BDSM FemDom (Female Domination) session together, booking future sessions with Me, Mistress Troy, will be a much easier process. Below are directions for booking subsequent sessions with Me along with details about how I operate to give you a general idea of what to expect.


  1. Check My "Calendar" for My availability.
    A note about "YELLOW DATES" on My Calendar: "Yellow Dates" are days when I am in New York City, but My day is fully booked with one or more engagements. These commitments may be sessions, hair/doctor/accountant/etc. appointments, social outings, or family obligations. Some engagements may be easy for Me to change, others are not so easy to move. If you have a proven record of reliability and you wish to book a session on a date that is "yellow" on My calendar, let Me know what time and I will try to rearrange things; however, I guarantee nothing.
    BE WARNED: If I rearrange My schedule to see you on a "yellow date," the full tribute is required even if you cancel with proper notification.
  2. Refresh your memory of My Cancellation Policies.
  3. Send a concise and clear e-mail (or leave a short phone message) requesting the date, time, and number of hours (or days) you want to book.
    • I prioritize clear scheduling inquiries when responding to e-mail and phone messages. If your missive includes several topics, I may address the scheduling portion right away and get back to you on the rest.
    • Regarding the number of hours you request to book, keep in mind that I enjoy chatting as well as deeper conversation and both are an integral part of many of My sessions. If you find you wish to keep conversing with Me after our scheduled time has expired, you should book additional time with Me “in-person” or book “Phone Sessions.” Conversely, if chatting and extensive conversation is of no interest to you, you may inform Me of such and you will be left alone as you decompress and prepare for your departure from My dungeon.
    • I will hold "tentative" session time for you until I receive another request for a definite booking for that day and time. Once this happens, you will be given a choice to confirm or release the time being held for you. If you confirm, you must submit the full, non-refundable tribute since I will be turning down a definite session.
  4. I will reply to your session request within 48 hours, possibly longer if I am traveling (check My "Calendar").
    I will either tell you that the requested date, time, and length is good for Me or I will ask about a possible modification.
  5. After we have agreed on a session date, time, and length, I will inform you of the following: "We are confirmed" or "We are booked."
    Once we are confirmed/booked, I do not assign a strict confirmation regimen as I did for your first session. If neither of us changes or cancels the session beforehand, I will expect your call from My corner at the precise time of our scheduled session (be aware that your actual session time does not start until you are safely situated in My dungeon).
    Some of My established clients/submissives book their sessions months in advance and we have no other communication until they call from the corner as planned. Once a session is "in My date book," if you do not hear otherwise from Me, I will be ready for your arrival. I have never been a "no-show."
    Having stated this, it is still a good idea for you to confirm your session a few days beforehand if we have not been in recent contact. If you are a no-show due to scheduling “confusion,” I will enforce My cancellation polices.
  6. Review My Arrival Procedures and Session Rules.

Strict adherence to the procedures described above along with My policies regarding cancellations will serve as a necessary basis for the growth of a mutually satisfying FemDom BDSM relationship developed through ongoing sessions as I mold you to fit My needs and enjoy your sincerest service and offerings to Me.

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