MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York talks to submissives and slaves about BDSM, fetish and femdom


Phone Number

I do not publish My phone number on My website. I provide it only to applicants once they have proven themselves worthy of a Phone Interview with Me (see "In Person Sessions" page).

For those who have earned My phone number, when calling, you must identify yourself to Me immediately with either your FULL name or the nickname I have given you. "It's me" is not acceptable.

Social Media

In general, I do not use social media. This website is where I communicate to the public; however, I do have a Twitter page where I occasionally make announcements about changes and additions to My website:


Texting is not available, only e-mail and phone calls.

I am an extremely private and discreet person. By thoughtful choice, I do not use a smartphone. The absolute security of a smartphone and social media is not possible. To help ensure My security and our mutual privacy, My primary phone is a land-line and I use only a relatively low-tech flip-phone when necessary. Therefore, no texting, no pictures, no phone e-mails and less privacy worries.


You must carefully read the "In Person Sessions" page on My website and submit the proper “Introduction E-mail” to Me. If this process is not carried out precisely, I will not respond.

I prefer your "Introduction" to arrive via e-mail; however, I provide My mailing address near the bottom of this page for those who wish to contact Me through the postal service. If you decide to correspond with Me via regular mail, a $100 tribute is required to receive My attention. If you desire a response, you must also include a size 10 (business size) self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Everyone I see must undergo My screening process, even if another Mistress vouches for you.


If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment with Me, you should always call AND send an e-mail. Texting is not an option.

A minimum of 24-hours' notice is required for weekday cancellations, longer for weekend and extended sessions. See complete cancellation policy on My "Cancellations" page.


E-MAIL: I do not have time for lengthy correspondence without Tribute (monetary or "gifts"). I do enjoy hearing from My regular clients via e-mail, however, it is rare that you will receive an immediate -- or even timely -- reply from Me.

CALLS: For telephone calls longer than 5 minutes, book a Phone Session.

Pro-Dommes Requesting a Client Reference

While I want to support all women, answering requests for client references has become a waste of My time. Some clients use several different names and/or contact details, and some professional Dommes do not heed the information I am asked to share. Ladies, pay attention to red flags and listen to your gut. If you think someone is problematic, it is likely they are -- walk away. If you do contact Me for a client reference, please include a link to your website so I know with whom I am communicating, otherwise I will ignore the request.


My Dungeon is NOT available to rent.


I am an extremely private and discreet person. In order to protect My privacy as well as the privacy of My clients, I decline all requests for interviews and appearances.


I am not currently employing or training Women as Dominatrixes.

I regularly receive e-mails from women requesting information about “how to become a Dominatrix." I do not have the time to answer each individual e-mail, but I will share these thoughts:

Being a Dominatrix is not something to be taken lightly; it is not something one should consider doing “for a quick buck” or as a “part-time gig until you decide what you really want to do.” You should not use BDSM as a mere source of income, but rather start by exploring it on a personal level if you feel it is something that truly resonates within you. There are many resources available -- websites, books, classes, fetish/BDSM shops and organizations -- for the person who is sincerely interested in learning about and experiencing the very many facets of “The Scene.” Instead of looking for “a job” as a Dominatrix, discover whether or not you have that deep, burning, undeniable need to participate in BDSM activities or if your interest is little more than someone telling you that “you look like you would make a good Dominatrix.”


DO NOT send an e-mail for a session request without following the instructions on My "In Person Sessions" page. If you do, I will not respond.


PO BOX 267

If you need a street address for a FedEx or UPS delivery, contact Me directly to obtain the information. DO NOT use the street address for My dungeon if you know it, I have a different mailing address.

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