MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent Dominatrix, Upper East Side, Manhattan NYC wearing leather in her well-equipped dungeon


I am Mistress Troy, a Dominatrix and female sadist in New York City. I am an intensely private and discreet woman who has been conducting professional BDSM sessions since 1995 and living the "lifestyle" even longer. Although well-traveled, English is the only language in which I am fluent. I maintain My own personal and exceptionally well-appointed dungeon in a residential apartment located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The surrounding neighborhood is upscale, sophisticated and discreet, and every aspect of My dungeon space reflects these qualities.

The main purpose of this website is to find compatible submissives, masochists, slaves, sissy-maids, fetishists, bondage- and spanking-enthusiasts and/or playthings for in-person sessions and service to Me. If you are seeking any form of instant gratification, you will not find that kind of satisfaction here. I am interested in people who are adept with traditional manners and forms of communicating along with an ability to exhibit patience. You must be familiar with proper protocol and how to behave in the presence of a Dominatrix. If you are serious about arranging an appointment, you must carefully read the "Our First Session" page of My website and follow all of the instructions contained therein.

I am very particular regarding My likes and dislikes and I operate My Domain based on My specific personal preferences and fetishes. I structure sessions based on the dynamic that exists between Myself and each individual allowed to serve and I will not consider a session unless we share compatible interests. Your experience level is not as important to Me as the following:

You must be a genuine submissive, masochist and/or fetishist who displays a sincere desire to please, serve, amuse, obey, and surrender all control to Me. In addition, you must demonstrate a proper understanding of Mistress/submissive protocol.

If the chemistry exists, I enjoy scene partners ranging from docile submissives to hardcore masochists. I have a deep affinity for a wide variety of BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism) activities. I will discuss, encourage and push your exploration of almost any related topic as long these essential conditions exist:

You maintain a respectful demeanor and always follow My instructions and adhere to My rules and policies as stated throughout My website as well as in any written or verbal communication we exchange.

My manner is extremely dominant and controlling, yet may come across as surprisingly warm and nice when I am with someone who is not an ill-mannered, unreliable creature (people of this ilk will be quickly dismissed from My world). I do not scream or yell. I am an adrenaline junkie and crave intense scenes, while I simultaneously strive to have fun. I do laugh which is a sign that I am enjoying Myself; do not let My laughter or seemingly kind nature confuse you into thinking that proper protocol has been suspended.

I especially enjoy administering corporal punishment -- from a playful smack-of-the-hand to a welt-raising caning. I have a full arsenal of spanking implements, a list of which can be found on "My Dungeon and Equipment" page. While My space is a dungeon setting, I do enjoy domestic-oriented scenarios and discipline. I am also exceptionally fond of the traditional British school cane. There is nothing quite like the sting you feel under My cane or the energy shifts that occur during a corporal punishment encounter. I thrive off this powerful exchange. While My extreme appetite to administer corporal punishment -- especially a sound caning -- may be frightening to you, do not feel daunted by My acute desire or your possible lack of experience. I have guided many bottoms through their first exhilarating strokes of the cane and I am just as happy applying only a handful of smacks with a relatively softer implement. For those who do ache for more, rest assured, I have effortlessly dispensed over 2100 strokes and lashes in an afternoon session.

I take great pleasure in rendering you completely helpless by means of mildly-restrictive to completely-immobilizing bondage. Once you are restrained, I may engage in some of the following BDSM arts: sensory deprivation and overload, nipple and genital torture, hot wax application, temporary piercings, face slapping, mind fuck, chastity control, and fire and electro-play. My propensity towards the ritualistic, trance, meditative and healing aspects of the scene presents itself on many levels, some quite subtle. I will employ techniques that will transport you to a world of exquisite torture where you will experience heightened levels of pain, pleasure, agony and ecstasy.

I am open to hearing about your role-play ideas. However, I will not accept lengthy scripts or instructions for sessions nor will I accommodate scenarios requiring Me to memorize exact dialogue. Some of My favorite scenes have been loosely based on these relationship dynamics: Step-Mother/step-son, Warden/prisoner, physical and verbal variations of "Examiner"/"examinee," nosy neighbor stops by My apartment unannounced, and Boss/employee. Keep in mind that I am not an actress and, very simply stated, regardless of the "role-play" involved, I will ultimately take control and do what I want.

My Dungeon is distinctively furnished with custom-made BDSM devices and equipment of unrivaled excellence. A partial list of all My treasured pieces can be found on My "My Dungeon and Equipment" page.

My exceptional wardrobe offers several variations of the "traditional Dominatrix" look. It is predominantly black and contains a wide array of leather and latex fetish wear. I have numerous corsets and waist-cinchers as well as a small but distinctive collection of fine and retro-lingerie, including stockings, pantyhose and tights of the highest quality. I further complement these outfits with My many pairs of classic and fetish shoes and knee-, thigh- and crotch-high boots. I am also in possession of a vintage police uniform, fetish military-style leather jackets, and riding and cowboy boots. What I wear during a session is dependent upon My mood and the particular activity, training, or discipline taking place at that time.

I am a very demanding Dominatrix. I will consistently challenge you to rise to -- and meet -- My high standards. I am responsible, reliable, clean, healthy (a regular blood donor) and extremely discreet. I will always be respectful of your time and limits and the same is expected of you.

To book a session with Me, carefully read the "Our First Session" page of My website and submit your "Introduction E-mail" exactly as instructed.

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