MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix NY New York offers BDSM, fetish and femdom sessions for male slaves, submissives and masochists

Payment Options

CREDIT CARDS & Popular E-commerce Alternative

MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent Dominatrix NYC NY

It is difficult to find legitimate, discreet and economically feasible online billing processors who will handle transactions between Dominatrixes and their submissives, masochists, and slaves. Therefore, I, Mistress Troy, had to get creative. I do accept credit cards and another popular e-commerce alternative, but only from those I know or who have clearly explained their reason(s) for wanting to use one of these options.

If you wish to use a credit card or a popular e-commerce alternative for any of the following:

you must send Me an e-mail asking for the instructions on how to do so. If we have never communicated with each other, you should explain your reason(s) for wanting this information.


MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent ProDomme New York City NY

I accept only $ U.S. dollars as session Tribute. However, I will happily receive $ U.S. dollars, € euros, and £ pounds sterling as gifts.

To submit My Tribute in cash at time of session:
Arrive with My cash Tribute in an unsealed envelope which should be placed immediately into the wooden tray in My foyer (the envelope will be reused or recycled by Me). I will point out the tray on your first visit.

To submit cash via mail:
Gifts as well as any required monies should be mailed to Me at the following address:

PO BOX 267

Whenever you send cash to Me you MUST notify Me in an e-mail so I can watch specifically for your envelope. I will always acknowledge receipt of cash.

Money Orders

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix With private dungeon NYC NY

For domestic use within the United States only

Other than cash, Money Orders are the only method of which I am aware for exchanging currency with no paper or electronic trail. Following is information about Money Orders and instructions for presenting them to Me.

About Money Orders

To submit a Money Order to Me

Click here to be taken to the website for the United States Postal Service (USPS)

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