FemDomme Mistress Troy of New York NY offers phone sessions to Her male slaves and submissives

Phone Sessions

I offer phone sessions for a variety of purposes including:


Many people discover that a 30-minute call is not long enough and want to keep talking. Think about this, then book the proper amount of time and send the appropriate Tribute.

My Tribute is non-refundable. See "Cancellations and Tardy Callers" below.

To schedule a phone session with Me:

You must submit the full tribute for the amount of time you want to book. I will not hold or confirm a phone session until I have received the required tribute.

The options for submitting your tribute to Me can be found on My "Payment Options" page

Once I have received your tribute, I will contact you to schedule our phone session and give you any necessary instructions.

If this is your first time contacting Me:

You should send an e-mail that includes all the following information:

  1. Your first and last name -- whether real or not -- for My identification purposes.
    Do not use "sub" or "slave" as either your first or last name.
  2. The city/town and state/country in which you reside.
  3. Your reason(s) for booking a phone session with Me.
  4. Your desired dates and times for our phone call.
    Check My "Calendar" page first and provide as much advance notice as possible.
  5. Explain how you found My website.
  6. Type "INTRODUCTION FOR PHONE SESSION" in the Subject line.


My Tribute is non-refundable.

24-hour notice is required to reschedule a phone session. Less than 24-hour notice will result in the forfeiture of your tribute. I will allow you to reschedule once if you give proper notice; if you cancel a second time, your tribute is forfeited.

I will expect your phone call promptly at the scheduled time. I will wait for your call for the entire amount of time you booked. Regardless of what time you ring (meaning if you call late), our phone session will end at the prearranged time. If you do not call during your booked time, you relinquish the fee and you must submit fresh tribute to book a new call.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York offers Phone Sessions for femdomme BDSM discussions
A male slave is granted a phone session with Dominatrix Mistress Troy

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