Château Visit

Dominatrix Mistress Troy's slave offers a recounting of their visit to a BDSM Château.

- submitted by slave s, 1999 -

For as long as i live, i will never forget the weekend of enslavement i endured in the sweet and sinister company of Mistress Troy at a BDSM Château in up-State New York. my journey begins one morning during work at a Boston based investment bank where i was employed. i arrived at my office early as usual and opened up my e-mails for the day. There it hit me, a message from "Mistress Troy." my Mistress was summoning me and it was not totally unexpected because it was around the time of our scheduled monthly meeting. i was a devoted slave of Mistress Troy’s at the time and She had prescribed a regular session schedule. Keeping to this schedule insured regular and consistent slave training and ongoing torment for Mistress Troy’s amusement and entertainment. The e-mail simply stated that Mistress would be contacting me shortly to disclose the details of our next meeting. As usual, i had no say whatsoever about what we were to do, where we were to meet, and who and what would be involved. i was truly enslaved by Mistress Troy, placing all control and confidence into my trustworthy Mistress’s hands, and all i could do was wait, ponder and worry.

Later that morning my office phone rang. i immediately raced over to the phone to see who was calling me. The phone ID simply read, "Unknown Caller, New York;” it was my Mistress calling to speak with me. i picked up the phone to hear Mistress Troy’s sweet but direct and authoritative voice say, “we are going to a Bondage Château in up-State New York and I have instructions for you.” my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach as Mistress Troy finally divulged the details of the trip with me. Although this event occurred more than three years ago, i distinctly remember the list of tasks Mistress Troy assigned to me that morning to get ready for our trip. They are as follows:

  • Meet Me precisely at 7:00 pm, July 10th, at a secluded Château; the directions from the highway were revealed.
  • you are to approach the building with your car and someone will come out to greet you.
  • you are not to speak during the entire duration of our stay at the Château and you are to wear a sign around your neck that reads, “Please forgive me for being rude. i am not allowed to speak without permission from Mistress Troy.”
  • i was to arrive neatly dressed wearing my cock and ball strap and my harness with a plug deep up inside of me.
  • i was to bring a gift bag of fetish items for Mistress Troy along with Her tribute.
  • i was instructed to purchase a bottle of fine wine to bring along with the fee for our accommodations in a seasonable gift bag for our Hostesses.
  • As usual, i was to follow all of Mistress Troy’s instructions and commands precisely and immediately whatever they may be.

my heart raced as i scrambled to take notes as Mistress Troy read off the list of instructions. She then said, “Is everything clear because if you embarrass Me in any way whatsoever, I will never see you again.” We finished our phone conversation and it was mid morning on a workday. i was so excited; i could not concentrate at work and decided to leave early.

The next couple of days dragged on. All i could think of was my meeting at the SM Château with Mistress Troy. i thought about the other people who would be there, how Mistress would treat me, what i would be allowed to eat, how i was to be humiliated and how hard i was going to be beaten by Mistress Troy. If you know Mistress, then you know that She seldom lets a close slave know what is to happen to them during session until it actually occurs. Anything can happen depending on Mistress Troy’s mood, needs and desires at the moment.

Saturday, July 10th, finally arrived. From Boston i figured it would take me about three hours to get to the Château. In the morning i spent time getting ready, making sure my car was clean, i went for a run to try and settle my nerves, i wrapped up in recycled paper the gifts i had purchased for Mistress (a red single tail whip and a matching black leather bra and panties) and made sure my appearance and insides were spotless. Then at around 3:00 pm, i set off on my journey. The location was in an area i had been to in the past so i had a good idea as to exactly how long it would take me to get there. One thing i did not do was put the cock and ball strap on and insert the plug inside of me for the drive out; i waited to do this just as i was approaching the Chateau.

The drive out was uneventful, it was a warm sunny day and i was in a total daze the whole way. i arrived at the road i was to drive up. i was about an hour early so i stopped to relax. Then i attached the cock and ball strap and inserted the plug deep inside of me finishing the task off by getting into my harness which would hold the plug in place. Next, i drove up the driveway of the Chateau.

As soon as i stopped the car, a naked slave ran out to greet me. i did not say anything, as instructed by Mistress, and the slave showed me to the side basement door into the downstairs dungeon of the Chateau. i was instructed to wait for Mistress Troy and the slave took the wine and fee for our stay up to the Hostesses. i did not know what was going on. i could hear all sorts of people upstairs on the main floor of the Chateau and heard all sorts of voices. i must have waited on my knees for about 45 minutes for Mistress Troy to come and meet me. i did see several slaves walk by me during my wait as they went in and out of the different chambers in the dungeon.

Then! Finally! my Mistress walked down the stairs into the basement to greet me. She looked so beautiful! She was wearing a fitted solid black spaghetti strapped summer dress that hung down to Her mid thigh, complementing the dress was a pair of open-toed sandals with very sexy straps. i noticed my Mistress’ perfectly pedicure toes immediately. Mistress seemed pleased with me when i offered Her the fetish gifts i had purchased. She also seemed pleased that i was not speaking. For those of you who do not know me, i have a big mouth and when i am granted the privilege of speaking, i tend to ramble on and on. As Mistress says, when i get a centimeter, i take a kilometer. i had not spoken yet and would not speak again during our entire stay at the Chateau. Then Mistress instructed me to disrobe and told me to wait in the basement for Her to return. It was about 8:15 pm when i took my cloths, glasses, and watch off.

About a half hour later, Mistress Troy reappeared dressed like the classic Dominatrix. She was wearing all black leather! Thigh high boots, leather shorts, a corset and opera length gloves. i was especially pleased to see that my Mistress was wearing these garments because i had previously given some of them to Her as gifts. Mistress immediately collared and gagged me and attached nipple clamps. She informed me that we would be going upstairs and not to misbehave, mumble, or embarrass Her in front of all of the other guests. i was wearing the sign around my neck which was humiliating, but it did not matter. My humiliation and suffering was what Mistress Troy wanted and naturally i wanted what She wanted.

Mistress pulled me by my balls up stairs and made me get to the floor, She then made me crawl out into a courtyard as She pulled me with a leash and told me to keep my head down and eyes lowered. i noticed all sorts of couples at the party, Mistresses, and both Female and male slaves. There were all sorts of activities going on and when i snuck in a glance, i noticed the following: a slave being bullwhipped, an area where slaves were placed on a rack to be roasted over hot coals, and a whipping post. There was also a huge friendly dog that kept licking my face because we were both at the very same level. Mistress Troy introduced me to everyone using an old nickname that i am not privileged to use anymore. Mistress then made me crawl across the grassy courtyard near the slave roasting rack and ordered me to bellow out animal sounds for everyone’s amusement that matched my once assigned nickname.

Then i made my first and only mistake of the weekend. As Mistress walked over to the woodpile to practice Her bullwhipping skills, i glanced up to admire Her. Mistress Troy has the senses of a Goddess and She must have felt me staring because She immediately looked back and ordered me to keep my eyes and head lowered.

All sorts of wonderful BDSM activities took place over the next few hours but to contain my report, i will focus on the cruel and sadistic acts Mistress Troy directly subjected me to later in the evening. After our foray in the grassy courtyard, the party moved into a living area within the Château. i was not allowed to participate in the gathering because Mistress Troy ordered me to first stand on a human carpet with my face against the wall and then stand in the kitchen by myself with my face buried in a cabinet. i was grateful and appreciative to be allowed to stand because at this time my knees were a bit raw from crawling outside with Mistress using my back as a chair from time to time.

People, Dommes, slaves were entering and exiting the living area of the Chateau, going downstairs to the dungeon room and moving all about. i missed out on all of these activities because i was ordered to stay put in isolation. Much later in the evening and after standing in solitude not being allowed to interact with anyone for over two hours, Mistress called me in to the living room. i still had a gag in my mouth from four hours earlier and crawled over to be at the bottom of Her boots. Mistress then took the gag out of my mouth and graciously allowed me a spot of champagne. Eventually people started to leave the gathering and then Mistress Troy ordered me to the basement dungeon.

Being dragged down to the basement, Mistress brought me into a huge room within the basement dungeon that housed a rugged whipping rack and an uncomfortable bondage bed. The room, as i remember, was dreary, damp, dark and chilling. you could see the field stone foundation and there was water dripping in spots down onto black sheets of plastic draped along the ground. In addition, there were scores of MICE scampering around in the dark. There was a real scary feeling to this room and immediately i hoped my Mistress would NOT be cruel enough to make me spend the night here. Mistress abruptly bound me to the whipping rack and then She proceeded to work my back over with the new red single tail whip i had presented to Her as a gift earlier. As best i could, i stood motionless and took each stroke with appreciation and glee. i felt so fortunate to be suffering for my Dominant Goddess and as the whipping progressed, the strokes intensified.

After perhaps fifty strokes, the moment i had hoped would never come, came. Mistress ordered me to the bondage bed where She bound my arms, neck and legs to the surface of this uncomfortable horizontal platform. Mistress then offered me the most generous comment of our relationship and it is still etched in my mind. Mistress said, “you did well this evening and if you can bring such good behavior back to My dungeon, things would be perfect.” Then all of a sudden, Mistress exited the room with a sinister self fulfilling smile and out went the lights.

There i was, alone, beaten and scared, bound to a hard bondage bed without any mobility whatsoever. The first thing i did once my Mistress left the room was to see how secure the shackles were around my limbs and neck. i quickly concluded that i could not move more than a few inches in each direction and that there was no way i could unfasten the padlocks that Mistress Troy so conveniently held the keys to upstairs in Her comfortable and heavenly guest suite. Then the real torture started, water started dripping from an above rafter right on to my bound forehead. It started as a small drip at a time and then the frequency progressed. Then to make matters worse and to frighten me even more, the mice started to scamper all around me. Little by little (in total darkness) they became more and more daring until they quickly darted up and over my bound naked helpless body. Then they started to lick the natural salt off of me. i tried more than a couple of times to move as much as i could to scare them away but it just was not enough and they soon became immune to my futile attempts to frighten them away. It’s almost like they were accustomed to being offered a large unsuspecting submissive object like myself from time to time and knew exactly how to react and torment their prey. i was truly scared and horrified throughout the entire evening and did not sleep a wink. Once the mice abated, the dripping would intensify. It was a night of total misery for me and my only comfort was knowing that this situation would make my Mistress VERY happy and please Her immensely.

The night dragged on for what seemed like weeks and then the door to the dungeon opened and the sunlight raced in. It was my Mistress standing in the threshold like a Dominant Angel; She had come to release me. i was lead up to the grassy courtyard where Mistress Troy allowed me to walk out into the neighboring pastures of the Château while She enjoyed Her breakfast without me. It was nice to stretch and get some morning sun even though i was totally naked and felt very awkward. In addition, the big dog that i had befriended the night before tagged along and whenever i stopped walking, he came up along side of me and tried to hump my leg. Then i heard my Mistress calling me by my assigned nickname. i returned to the Château where i was offered some breakfast on all fours on the kitchen floor in front of a few people gathering for a nearby morning concert. i felt embarrassed, but i immediately suppressed these feelings knowing that having me eat on the floor in front of everyone pleased my Mistress.

my time with my Mistress quickly came to an end that day; i drove Her to a nearby regional airport to catch a private jet back to Manhattan. i watched Her get on the plane and as She stepped up into the fuselage of the aircraft, i thought to myself, “There goes the Domina who owns me, mind, body and soul.” As i sifted my way through a series of back roads trying to find the interstate, i thought about how devoted i am to Mistress Troy and how i wished i could see, serve and suffer for Her more often. i finally found the highway, jumped on it and headed east towards the coast where i live. i dwelled on the events of the past evening and wondered how i could have performed better for my Mistress amongst so many other people. i adore Her and hoped that after this weekend, She would allow me to serve Her again in another, similar, scene-friendly public setting.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY visits BDSM Château in Upstate New York to train and humiliate Her
		  	male slave with other FemDommes, submissives and masochists
Mistress Troy with the dog who befriended Her slave at the BDSM Château in Upstate New York

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