A fictional story Dominatrix Mistress Troy allowed one of Her submissives the indulgence of writing.

- submitted 2006 -

The voice mail message continued to occupy Bill's thoughts. As Chief Executive Officer of a large marketing company, his appointments were generally controlled by his secretary but when, on occasion, someone requested an appointment directly, it was usually stated as a deferential request. Tracy Wells' voice mail had a decidedly different tone and that continued to perplex Bill.

Tracey's husband had been the sole owner of the company and had given Bill increased leeway to build his own team and run the company. When Tracey's husband died suddenly, Tracey became the sole owner. Bill did not expect much to change but Tracey's "invitation" made him a little uneasy.

Bill had only met Tracey once. She was a very attractive woman in her late 30s with short blonde hair. She was graceful, elegant and self assured, like the movie stars of the 1940s. She was clearly very fit, with feminine but well defined muscles in her arms, legs and back.

It was 8 AM on Saturday morning and Bill was at the iron gates to Tracey's driveway. The gates opened and Bill drove to the house, got out of his car and rang the bell. He was greeted by a servant and shown into the sunroom where Tracey was sitting in a Queen Anne armchair. There were no other chairs in the room. Tracey did not stand but spoke directly to Bill.

"Bill, as you know I now control the Company. Unlike my husband, I do not intend to be a passive owner. I believe the company's performance can improve substantially and I plan to implement new policies and programs to do just that. Because the staff is loyal to you, it is important that you show them that you are unquestioning in your implementation of my plans. By that I mean I want your people to sense that you absolutely support my every word and direction at the company. They should hear this in your voice and see this in the way you relate to me in their presence."

Bill was trying to gather this all in. It was like the voice mail: a directive, not a request, to come to Tracey's house at 8 AM on Saturday and plan on spending the day. No pleasantries, just direct instructions.

Tracey sat comfortably in the only chair in the room. She wore a tailored leather skirt, a silk blouse and heels.

"I have rather extensive plans for your training to accomplish complete obedience to my new policies. When the other employees see your unquestioned subordination to me they will follow along as well," Tracey continued.

Bill was still trying to figure out what was happening. He had not spoken a word since he walked in. Tracey was clearly in control of the "meeting" and Bill was fixed on her every word. "There are several reasons why you will follow my directions. First, after your recent divorce, you owe the company money which was loaned to you for your divorce settlement. Second, although my husband suggested that you would be taken care of with respect to benefit plans, I never let him reduce any of those suggestions to enforceable legal promises so if you leave the company you will be in debt to me and I will see to it that you do not get another job. But finally, and most importantly, I will be giving you something that most people never get, clarity."

"However your economic situation will only start you on this road before something much more powerful takes over. The illusion of control over your life has been comfortable but not satisfying. Your material possessions are always at risk of being lost, relationships require difficult communications and religion has never had satisfying answers. Now you will have a new reality. You will be motivated in part by the fear of additional pain but also by the awe of being controlled by a strong woman. I have a clear picture of how you will serve me and how that will affect your life. You are lucky to be able to participate in that clarity. The clear directions and answers that you get from me and the physical sensations associated with the results of your actions will be the central defining force in your life. You will not be able to, nor will you want to, be released from this clarity."

"The patterns of your life are about to take on a radically different direction. Through my training you will not have to question whether or not you made the right decision on any matter because I will let you know the answer. But I won't just be telling you verbally. You will go through a regimen of pain and bondage that will allow you to evaluate the consequences of every choice you have made based upon my infliction of a stimulus indicating my approval or disapproval of your actions. You will feel the intensity of each decision as I modulate your physical state. Bondage, sometimes very strict bondage, will greatly improve your focus. This training will provide you with a discipline you have never had before. Some exercises will provide discipline but others will be punishment. Punishment will occur again and again, with increased intensity, until you instinctively respond to my every gesture or directive."

Tracey paused and looked Bill over casually as though she was inspecting a piece of furniture. She spoke in a manner that was relaxed and unhurried. It was as though she was explaining an inevitable result to someone who was unaware of an impending change. Her tone was precise and unemotional.

She then continued: "There is subtle distinction between being my robot and being my instrument. You will be the latter. Once I outline a business policy and goal, you will be responsible for hundreds of decisions regarding personnel, tactics, pricing etc. in order to achieve the goal. The goal will always be expressed in measurable terms. The success of the business is very important to me and you will see how important I take meeting or exceeding goals. However, unlike your current situation, your evaluation won't be a hearty "attaboy" from your colleagues and your disappointment won't be a smaller bonus. It will rather be measured in the unrelenting sting of the cane or the dull, incessant pain of restrictive bondage or many other methods you will come to know very well. I will harshly enforce the measurement of your performance, and relief from intense punishment will be your usual reward for meeting a goal. Quicker than you expect, you will find these methods much more satisfying compared to the hollow compliments or shallow disapprovals you are used to."

"You can think of your training as a form of 'Saturday School' where you will be bound for long periods of time and subjected to various painful experiences. The results of your week will be clearly and effectively communicated to you in an unmistakable manner. The intensity of the bondage and pain will depend on my whim and your performance of the assigned tasks. You will find that I am very skilled in inflicting pain, usually on your most tender and vulnerable parts. I am also very demanding. Every mistake, no matter how small, will be the subject of my scrutiny. You may also receive other rewards but let's not get ahead of ourselves."

"I will go over my protocols with you in more detail later but I will give you an example. Every morning at 4:30 AM you will be required to write me a detailed email of your plans for the day, what those plans will accomplish for me, and any variations from the prior day's plan as approved by me. As you lay in bed at 4:29 AM, you will be wondering: do I really want to get up and send Mistress Tracey the daily e-mail?, then you will remember one of our sessions. Trust me, you will spring out of bed."

Bill shifted from one foot to another. He was very uncomfortable standing in front of her. Almost telepathically Tracey said to Bill, "kneel down and sit back on your haunches." Bill did so without hesitation. "You will soon find that it will be more comfortable for you to be on your knees in my presence than standing."

"Bill, I have equipment in an area of my basement which will be your training room. Over the next few weeks you will learn the purpose of several devices I have down there. There will be a point where all I will need to do is say the word 'humbler, cane, taws or clamp' and you will have such a visceral reaction that it will be like you were being subjected to their stimulations."

Bill started to speak but a flash of disapproval from Tracey made him reconsider. It was clear to him that he dare not make a move without her permission. He realized his situation and now was going to find out what it would be like to be totally under the thumb of a powerful woman.

And so it began.

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