Commode Detail

A brief account of the privilege one of Dominatrix Mistress Troy's slaves enjoyed.

- submitted by a slave, 2003 -

On a recent trip to New York City, Mistress Troy invited me into Her dungeon for what She termed as, “Slave Labor and Minion Abuse.” I was ecstatic about the invitation because I am a very eager, willing and devoted slave of Mistress Troy’s. Prior to arrival, I ran about the city like a crazed chicken collecting the incidentals I am responsible for and procured a few surprises like chocolates and flowers. Upon arrival, I was ordered to strip and kiss Mistress Troy’s feet; nipple clamps and a cock restraint were applied. Mistress then whipped me with one of Her many crops and shoved me into the bathroom on my stomach.

My assignment was to clean Her brand new commode. In a very humiliating position, I laid on the floor scrapping the packing stickers off the toilet and then cleaned with detergent every square inch of the bright new porcelain. It took me about an hour and all of my thoughts revolved around how privileged I was to be cleaning an object that my beloved Mistress Troy would be sitting on each and every day. After I thought I was done and the entire commode was sparkling clean, I called Mistress to notify Her that the job was complete. As I lay on the tile floor, Mistress came into the bathroom, struck me with Her crop and commanded, “now, lick it clean.”

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix New York City NY whipped Her male slave then made him preform the humiliating task
		of cleaning Her toilet bowl with his tongue
Mistress Troy's slave detailing Her new toilet bowl with his tongue

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