Desert Shock

An electrifying story about Mistress Troy's trip to the Southwestern United States with mule in tow.

- submitted by the mule, 2005 -

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions and training.
Mistress Troy’s dominance permeates this desert canyon two thousand miles away from Her New York City dungeon!

This past fall i was allowed to accompany and serve Mistress Troy on a trip out to the Great American Desert. It all started when Mistress mentioned She had a number of engagements out West and the area and dates coincided with a conference at a 5-Star Resort and Spa i needed to attend for work. i have been serving my beloved Mistress Troy for over nine years now and i became ecstatic when She told me that i would cater to all of Her needs and serve Her diligently throughout every moment of Her travels. Mistress had a sparkle in Her eye when She claimed that after Her engagements, She would (at my expense) pamper Herself at the spa where my conference was taking place and enjoy all of the wonderful activities the exclusive area had to offer. Tribute and plans were taken care of and the next thing i knew i was on a plane with Mistress heading out West. It was so exciting to look forward into the First Class cabin to see Mistress comfortable and being well cared for while i sat back in coach class sandwiched in a middle seat between two larger-framed people desperately trying to open up their potato chips from the snack-boxes that were just dished out.

When we landed everything went smoothly as i worked like a mule handling all of Mistress’ bags and securing Her rental car. It didn’t take long until we were on our way. Mistress soon announced, “we need to find a pet store immediately if our travels are to be successful and we are to be out in public together.” i veered into a nearby shopping area and we went in to procure a “little doggie” remote electric training collar that Mistress said would immediately be secured around my cock and balls for the duration of My service to Her on this trip. Once i purchased this important training device, we returned to the car and Mistress attached it to me with two nasty looking steel prongs sticking deep into the bottom of my sack. Mistress then demonstrated how the cruel device worked with the remote control She would possess at all times. Mistress zapped me on one of the lower settings, "3" (the settings ranged from 1 to 10), and then intensified the zaps up to setting number "7". Being zapped showed me how excruciatingly effective Her new training tool would be if i did anything She decided was inappropriate or if She just merely wanted me for something. She later informed me that She would zap me twice if She wanted me to come to Her, and then went on to say, “Sometimes I will just shock you because it makes Me laugh and entertains Me.” The following is my accounting of the more memorable zaps and shocks Mistress graciously offered to me during our trip and the effects it had on me and how i became better trained and more responsive to Mistress’ needs and wishes.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions and training.
Mistress Troy enjoys the view after an entertaining and successful mule drive up the mountain. The excursion was especially arduous for the mule.

When we arrived at Her luxurious canyon cottage and my boarding was arranged for in an adjoining shed, Mistress said She would like to go for a walk along the river that abutted the ranch. As i neared the running water, i was eager to dart off to it like a thirsty burro. Mistress allowed me to do so and as i ran away from Her to kneel down and lap at the water Mistress shocked me repeatedly from over 100 yards away! Mistress laughed as i eeeeee-ooonked and the entire canyon echoed. i quickly learned that Mistress intended to allow me to run ahead, but not too far ahead like i did which displeased Her.

That evening i was permitted to join Mistress for a fine dinner in public. We went to an enchanting restaurant surrounded by a gorgeous red-rock desert canyon and as Mistress looked around at all of the Native American art and décor in the lobby, i wandered off like a non-compliant jackass. When i traipsed beyond eyesight of Mistress, i was zapped at a very high setting twice. i buckled in pain as two Women walked by me and wondered what was wrong with me. i then knew i was too far away from my Mistress and immediately trotted back to Her. She then asked, “Did you have permission to wander off beyond My eyesight, what if I needed you for something you inattentive jackass?”

That evening i fell asleep in my little shed with Mistress next door. At about midnight, i felt multiple shocks from the device constricting my balls and yelped. i imagined Mistress laughing as She shocked me. The next morning when i was allowed out, i learned that Mistress was simply shocking me because She wanted to torment me. i was relieved that i didn’t do anything to displease Her and was ecstatic that my suffering amused Her.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions and
Mistress Troy carefully contemplates how best to pierce Her mule without damaging any of the indigenous cacti.

The next day before Mistress’ late morning engagement i was allowed to serve Her as a hiking guide. The desert was so beautiful and the colorful geological formations were lovely to look at in the morning light. As we passed some prickly pear cactus, Mistress said, “Pull your panties down, get hard, and stick your hard cock on the thorns.” i hesitated and this displeased Mistress so She shocked me at high intensity several times. i learned that even though we were out of Her dungeon on a desert trail, if She wanted to humiliate me, that was Her prerogative and i should never hesitate to do as She instructs as quickly as possible regardless of where we are.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions and training.
For Mistress’ sadistic pleasure, the mule is ordered to get hard and prick his prick on a prickly pear cactus.

Later that day after Mistress’ meetings, we hiked into some Native American ruins and pictographs dating back more than 1200 years. Mistress allowed me to go pee in the composting outhouse the US Forest Service maintained at a trail-head. As i wandered into the outhouse to relieve myself, i closed the door and opened the lid to the potty. i stared down into the giant hole as i peed and then the shocks came again! i stumbled to one side and my hat almost fell into the deep hole, then i shifted abruptly cringing from all of the wonderful pain my Mistress administered remotely from more than 300 yards away on the trail. When the pain and shocks subsided, i noticed i had peed all over myself and the only silk panties i had with me. As i returned to my Mistress, i noticed She was laughing uncontrollably. When i asked what i had done wrong, She smiled and said, “Nothing. I was just enjoying the sounds of your cries from the outhouse.”

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions and training.
This cactus, which looks very much like an Aloe plant, will offer anything BUT soothing relief to this mule’s prick when Mistress has Her way.

On the third day of our trip when Mistress was finished with Her engagements, we proceeded to the Resort and Spa where my conference was being held. After assisting Mistress with checking into Her exquisitely appointed accommodations, i was allowed to go and work. Mistress took this opportunity to visit the spa, relax by the pool and shop at all the exclusive shops around the resort generously charging all goods and services to my room. At about 3 pm, while suffering through an ultra dry presentation conducted by a panel of monotone economists, i was zapped repeatedly. It came as such a surprise i choked on the mint i had just put into my mouth and spilled the water in the vase in front of me all over the mathematician that was sitting next to me. he was not amused at all and i got up and ran out of the conference room. i called Mistress immediately from my mobile phone and She said, “when you have a break in your day, you should always make a point of checking in with Me to find out if I need anything and to hear how much fun I’m having spending your money all over the resort, mule.” This time i learned that when i travel with Mistress on business, She likes to keep close tabs on me at all times. However, She is very careful not to interrupt me during my work so i am capable of better serving Her financially.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions
			and training.
Only the most distinguished guests were allowed access to this private pool at the Spa. mules were not permitted.

Later that day as i returned to our side-by-side casitas, Mistress noticed me coming up the drive while She watched the sunset from Her balcony. As i approached the Native American inspired dwellings in the rental car, Mistress shocked me at high intensity as She peered down on me from the balcony. To this day, i have no idea how i avoided hitting these two golfers driving past me on their golf cart as i veered off the road at them keeled over in pain. Much to my delight, i was once again reminded that even if i don’t do anything wrong, Mistress still enjoys inflicting pain on me for Her amusement and pleasure.

Chastity regulation has been a significant part of Mistress Troy’s control over me and during this trip there would be no exception. However, at one moment i did hear a knock on my door with Mistress Troy announcing Her entry to my lesser more basic room. Mistress entered and then said, “your service has been fairly satisfactory during My trip and because of your hard work, you may masturbate once.” i was so excited, i thought Mistress would allow me to cum in Her presence at Her lovely stiletto heeled, knee-high, amber colored, leather boots i purchased for Her this fall. i was abruptly reminded how wonderfully cruel Mistress can be when She told me to jerk off and left me all alone on the floor while She went to freshen up in my bathroom. i took my time because i was hoping and praying She would return to supervise. When She did return to check on my progress, She looked down on me, kicked me in the balls a few times with Her stunning leather boots and told me how ridiculous i looked. She then graciously told me to “hurry up before your masturbation privileges expire,” and returned to the bathroom to make some calls. Mistress must have heard my unmuffled moans as i shot my load all over my stomach and chest because She returned just in time to command me to clean up the mess with my fingers and mouth. i savored every drop.

Finally, during the last evening of travel service to Mistress Troy, i was sleeping in the adjoining casita when around 12:30 am i was awoken with over 30 high intensity zaps and shocks. i could almost swear that i smelt the skin below my balls burning because i was zapped so much at such a high setting. i lay in my bed hoping the shocks would not come again; i almost felt like an earthquake victim wishing the aftershocks were finally over. my phone then rang and when i picked up, Mistress said, “you’re snoring so loudly, you silly burro, that I can hear it all the way over here, it's like an earthquake.”

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions and training.
Mistress generously allowed cushions for sleeping to ensure peak performance out of Her mule.

i am so indebted to Mistress Troy for allowing me to accompany Her during Her trip out West. Additionally, i am most grateful that Mistress prescribed the use of the remote training collar. It really helped me to behave better during our time in public together and definitely diminished any chances of me acting unruly or inappropriately while in Her presence. We are now settled back into the routine of me serving Her in and around Her New York City dungeon and my training has been taken to elevated levels. After the success in the desert, for the indefinite future, i am to always arrive in the City with my training collar on and secured around my cock and balls in case Mistress decides to shock me for whatever She feels is appropriate and necessary.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY travels with slaves for BDSM, fetish, and femdom sessions and training.
Whether in the most sophisticated private dungeons of Europe or out in the wide-open deserts of North America, Mistress Troy's power is all consuming.

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