A Multiple male slave Session

A story about two male slaves serving, obeying and amusing Dominatrix Mistress Troy.

- submitted by slave wyatt, 2000 -

I have had the privilege of seeing Mistress Troy for a little more than a year. Mistress Troy is tall, blond, very attractive and wonderfully inventive. Our sessions were exciting and great fun from the very start. Mistress Troy possesses the authority, experience and skills balanced with the imagination necessary to really light my candle. My interests include spanking, restraint, cock and ball torture and lots of anal toys. Mistress Troy has introduced panties and caning to our sessions and sensitized me to those delights.

I generally ask for an evening session and on occasion, afterwards we will discuss that evening's session and what we might do the next time. We had discussed a session with multiple players, either an additional Mistress or another male slave and I found both scenarios exciting despite having had no previous same sex experiences. When the one-year anniversary of my first session was near I asked Mistress Troy if I could do something special to celebrate. Mistress Troy just smiled and said that a celebration was certainly in order.

About ten days before my next session, Mistress Troy told me to reserve an entire Saturday afternoon for our next session and that I would receive an e-mail with further instructions. Over the weekend I received an e-mail telling me to be at Mistress Troy’s dungeon at 1:15 pm the following Saturday afternoon for our next session. Prior to my arrival I was to shower, shave, trim my pubic hair closely, and as usual, induce several enemas so that my bowels were totally clean. Additionally, I was to drink one liter of water one hour before the session and to not pee after 11:00 am. I was permitted to masturbate only once, six days before the session and have no other sex prior to Saturday. I was to dress only in shorts and a knit shirt; no socks or underwear except for the cock and ball strap that I was always required to wear for Mistress. There was one other item mentioned: there were instructions waiting for me at Victoria's Secret carefully detailing what I had to purchase: "One pair of size small, red satin thong panties for the exclusive and personal use of the bearer of this certificate." The instructions were exciting enough. I could hardly wait for the session.

I followed the directions, of course. The saleswoman at Victoria's Secret read the gift certificate twice and showed it to another clerk as I waited, red-faced, while she began ringing the sale. Just as she was about to start she asked, "Are you sure you wouldn't like another color in your size?" I was trembling from either embarrassment or excitement as I left the store. I got home and tried them on. It was a difficult fit with a raging hard-on and it was all I could do to keep from masturbating.

The week slowly passed and Saturday morning finally came. I began to prepare at about 10:00 am. I took a long relaxing shower. After I felt relaxed, I took the first enema of two quarts. I released that and then carefully trimmed my pubic hair as short as reasonably possible. I took a second enema and held it for about 20 minutes by inserting a medium butt plug. I didn't understand why Mistress Troy wanted me to drink that much water, but I did and then released the enema. I took a third, smaller enema as a final flush. I held it for about 30 minutes as I laid out my clothes and watched a very good Dominance video. I released the final enema of clear water and then dressed. I struggled to put on the very tight cock and ball strap, but succeeded even though I was aroused due to the preparation. This particular strap has a D-ring attached to the strap that separates the balls; Mistress often attaches a lease to the ring. I choose some very loose shorts so I would feel almost naked and left for the session.

I arrived right on time and greeted Mistress properly by kissing each one of her booted toes from a kneeling position. Mistress Troy ordered me to strip so she could check me out. She approved and handed me a lubricated butt plug to insert. She then handed me a full glass of water to drink. Next she put a blindfold on me and told me to stand straight and still. I heard her leave the room and return, apparently with another person. I was stunned to feel a pair of buttocks press against mine. Mistress Troy then introduced us to one another, since we were both blindfolded. The firm mystery butt belonged to another male slave, john, who was a long time slave of Mistress Troy's. Mistress Troy told us we were going to expand our erotic horizons today and we had better enjoy it; she certainly planned to.

She told us that we each had on identical cock straps and butt plugs and were now to put on the identical red panties from Victoria's Secret. She told us to remove the blindfolds and instructed me to put john's panties on him and he then would put my panties on me. We both struggled to fit the panties over the other's engorged cock; pulling on the panties with one hand and forcing the hard cock and balls into the confining nylon with the other. It was the first time that another man had touched my cock and the relatively rough handling excited both of us even more. Mistress told us to get dressed as we were all going out for afternoon tea. I really needed to pee, but Mistress refused my request.

We walked to a sidewalk cafe about a half block away. As we sat down, the waiter brought us warm herbal tea and bottled water without ordering and Mistress commanded us to drink it quickly. After about 30 minutes and another request to pee refused (the water and tea were having their effect), we returned to the dungeon.

Once back in the dungeon, Mistress Troy instructed me take off all of john's clothes including the cock strap and he did the same for me. Both of our cocks were rock hard and we were both desperate to pee. Mistress Troy ordered us to get in the bathtub facing each other. She then told me to get on my knees; I thought I was going to suck my first cock, but Mistress had other ideas. She commanded john to hold his rigid cock and pee on me. At first he couldn't because of the hard-on, but he relaxed and let go with a river of hot gold. Mistress Troy ordered him to spray all over me, from the neck down with particular attention to my cock and balls. Finally john finished and the roles were reversed. I then peed allover john with Mistress watching with a stern face from across the bathroom. She then made us take turns washing each other. At her direction we sprayed each other with a pulse shower head set on fast and hard. She directed that the needles of hot water be aimed directly at our balls, almost causing me to come. I washed john and then john washed me. We then dried each other. We both sported straining hard-ons, to which Mistress delighted in administering the occasional stoke of a riding crop.

We went back into the dungeon and Mistress had us each put the other's original cock and ball strap back on and remove the butt plugs. Now, somewhat larger butt plugs were inserted that had an external bulbous knob instead of the typical butt plug "T." She then had us put cuffs on our wrists and ankles. We then stood butt to butt and a single spreader bar was attached to our ankles. Our wrists were also attached to another single spreader bar and it was raised over our head. Mistress attached each end of a short cord to the D-rings of our cock straps and then clipped a sliding heavy lead weight to the cord. The effect of all this was that john and I were positioned so that our backsides were pressed against each other's and if either of us so much as twitched, the other would feel the full effect due to the weight hanging from our balls and the knobs of the butt plugs pushing against the other.

Mistress Troy was very aware of this and proceeded to pinch, spank, and apply clips everywhere so that we jumped at her slightest touch. She particularly focused on our balls with the leather tip of her riding crop. Mistress Troy's constant ministrations had us both on the verge of climax. The mix of pain and pleasure caused by the combined hanging weight and the constantly moving butt plug had me in an erotic zone that was entirely new.

After about 30 minutes of arousal Mistress Troy stopped and informed us that we would have a contest. She would allow us the privilege of masturbating in her presence and whoever came first would be rewarded. john and I were both so hot that neither of us could last long. In a matter of just 15 strokes we both came. I won by about three seconds, but Mistress wouldn't tell us what the reward was.

john and I were both exhausted. Mistress allowed us to remove the cock and ball straps, but not the butt plugs, and to rest briefly while we worshiped her black, leather, stiletto pumps and the lower part of her long, beautiful legs. As we admired her legs Mistress used her high heels to gently crush our balls. We were both back with very solid hard-ons in no time.

Mistress Troy asked if I was ready for my prize and with some trepidation, I said yes. Mistress Troy then ordered john to help me into her all black, leather sling and to attach cuffs on one of my wrists and both ankles. john stood by my side. Mistress disappeared for a few minutes and returned with a lubricant and latex gloves. Mistress ordered john to remove the butt plug and then insert first one, then two, and finally all of his fingers into my ass, forcibly stretching me. Mistress announced that it was time for the finale and produced a condom for john to put on. I then knew that I was going to get my first real dick in my ass. Mistress Troy declared that now was the time for me to get truly and well fucked.

She instructed john to glide his fat 7" cock into me. He began to stroke me and Mistress ordered him to stop. She then got behind john and gently caned his ass. It took a bit to get the rhythm, but once we did it was fabulous. Mistress Troy’s cane striking john’s ass as he was slamming into me sent me to slave heaven. Mistress ordered john to tell her when he felt like he would come so that he and I could come at the same time. As john fucked my ass he also stroked my cock. We were able to fuck for quite a while due to the previous climax. Suddenly john's pace increased and all he could say was "Now!"

Slowly we cooled down and Mistress had john help me (and my new non-virgin ass) out of the sling. john and I cleaned up while Mistress relaxed with a glass of Chardonnay, all the while keeping an eye on us to ensure the dungeon was cleaned to her satisfaction. john and I agreed that it was the best session ever for both of us. Mistress coolly agreed that we had done reasonably well. However, since we appeared to enjoy ourselves a little too much, she would rectify that by administering more discipline at our next session. john and I agreed to schedule another session as soon as Mistress Troy would allow it.

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