Workbench Terror

A story about multiple dominant females torturing and humiliating one of Mistress Troy's male slaves.

- submitted by slave s, 1997 -

i had just finished mountain biking for the day in the mountains of northern Vermont. i had an exceptional ride partly because of the beautiful weather conditions, but mostly because i had just endured a wonderful session with Mistress Troy in New York City a few days earlier and i was still on cloud nine. After my day of riding, i checked my voice-mail and there was a message from my Mistress. She had called me to inform me that there was something very intense that She wanted to do with me. She instructed that i was to offer Her a “Yes or No” answer if i was willing to participate in the activities She had in mind. i was given few details other than several people would be involved and i was to leave the undisclosed location of the scene immediately upon dismissal.

my heart sunk and i became very nervous. “What was i to do,” i thought. i had been serving Mistress Troy for about a year and half at this point and truly adored Her. i could not say "no" to anything She instructed me to do for Her and most of all i could not say "no" to Her whenever She decided She wanted to severely torment me. After my long drive back home to the Massachusetts coast, i finally decided that i would attempt to probe a bit. i left Mistress Troy a subtle voice-mail of inquiry. It was a Sunday evening and after leaving the message, i checked my voice-mail again in about a half hour and there was a reply to my inquiry, it simply said: “Yes or No.” click! i was frantic, i could not sit still, what did Mistress Troy want to do with me? What if i said no? would our BDSM relationship come to a halt? i tried to settle myself down and cook dinner but could not focus; i burnt my hand on a pot, paced around my home, began to sweat and finally decided to send a reply. “Yes!!!” would be my answer. i checked my voice-mail again in an hour and there was a reply from my beautiful Mistress: “Good, call Me tomorrow morning at 9:05 am for further instructions.” i lay awake in my bed all night long suffering from intense curiosity and anxiety thinking about my call to Her the next morning.

It was now Monday morning and before i knew it, it was time to call my Mistress. The phone rang and i heard Her lovely voice on the other end. i made a feeble attempt to inquire about what was to happen to me and Mistress Troy stopped me. She simply said that i had already answered YES and if i withdrew my willingness at this point She could not assure me that it would be possible for me to see Her again. i back-peddled and apologized profusely, “Good,” She said, “this is what i want you to do.”

  • you are to come to New York City to see Me as soon as you can.
  • you are to allocate a day for servitude and then the entire evening for the activities.
  • you shall wear clothes that can be destroyed.
  • you will deliver the utmost respect and obedience to others you come in contact with during the activities.
  • you will leave when dismissed without questions or hesitation.

i readily agreed to all of the conditions, we decided on a date and i thanked Mistress for offering me this opportunity to continue to serve Her. During the weeks that followed, i could not concentrate at work or at home and i seemed distant to friends and family. i walked around like a zombie mesmerized by curiosity and fantasies of what Mistress had planned for me. Three weeks passed like a short summer day at the beach and finally it was time for me to drive to New York to serve and suffer for my Mistress.

i arrived in New York around noon on a beautiful August Saturday. This would be the last of the sunny day i would see. Mistress answered Her dungeon door wearing a beautiful black summer fitted dress that fell to Her mid-thighs. Her feet were complemented with a pair of lovely open-toed sandals that showed off Her exquisitely pedicured toenails and well kept feet. Mistress looked very fashionable but at the same time comfortable and practical. i spent most of my time that afternoon cleaning all the rooms of Her dungeon, including the bathroom and kitchen that were especially dirty after a party the evening before. After about five hours of endurance cleaning, i was sweaty, grimy and tired. Mistress noticed a bit of a yawn from me, smiled, teased me and said “you better not be tired, the fun is just about to begin.”

Around 6:00 PM, my excruciating cleaning chores were complete. Mistress worked me like a dog! She then allowed me to take a shower. When i was done, Mistress said that it was time to go. She handcuffed me, made me get into my disposable clothes and stuffed two of Her worn, thigh-high, black stockings into my mouth. She told me to keep quiet and not to resist Her. We would be going out in public to take a cab to the designated location. Mistress Troy led me down the stairs out onto the street with the handcuffs covered by a shirt. She hailed a cab and stuffed me into the back seat. i was nervous, terrified, and began to think i had made a big mistake. Perhaps i did not really know Mistress that well and who else was i to be exposed to? i began to have wild thoughts that i was being brought to a place where my kidneys were to be stolen and then sold on the black market. Mistress glanced at me, She smiled at the worried look on my face, checked the handcuffs and stuffed the stockings deeper into my mouth. The cab sped away.

Not being from New York City, i quickly became disoriented and lost track of what part of the City we were traveling to. Then the cab came to a stop in a progressive city village setting that appeared to be inhabited by artists. Mistress took some money out of my pocket, paid the cab driver and shoved me out onto the street. She then grabbed my arm like a nun would grab a child for being bad in the playground of a parochial school and whisked me into a jewelry shop. When we arrived, there were several Women in the shop and they began to smile, including the owner who was a very striking, tall blonde, with sharp Nordic facial features and an athletic frame. All of the Women were wearing black and looked like they were ready for some entertainment. Mistress told me to sit in a chair; She went into the back room and left me there in front of all these Women with my hands cuffed and the stockings stuffed into my mouth. One of the Women asked me a question, but all i could do was nod and attempt to smile without revealing what was stuffed into my mouth. Mistress returned with a large paper grocery bag in Her hand, She approached me, opened the bag and threw it over my head. i felt all of the Women converge upon me and i was abruptly pushed into the back room which i quickly noticed through the opening of the bag resembled a workshop. i was deeply humiliated and this was only the beginning.

i was ordered to stand against a workbench and, peering down, i noticed a vice grip on a table. i put my hand on it to stabilize myself. i was trembling in terror and needed to rest my arm on something secure to keep from toppling over. i heard the shuffling of feet and Women’s voices laughing. It seemed as if more people were entering the room. With the paper bag over my head, it was difficult for me to assess much more about the situation other than i was in a workshop of some type used for designing jewelry and that i was surrounded by people. Later, after the scene, i learned that Mistress Troy had invited several of Her friends and a very prominent New York City Dominatrix She shared space with to this event with the promise they could all be very mean to one of Her slaves and do whatever they wanted to me.

Then all of a sudden the bag was ripped off my head. Mistress quickly shoved me to the ground. Then i glanced up and noticed several Women including the jewelry shop owner all standing around, laughing and smiling. Mistress had changed into a black shinny latex leotard with thigh-high black patent leather spiked heeled boots. She took on the persona of a brutal Dominant Mistress about to devour Her weak vulnerable prey. Mistress then said to me, “This is where We are going to play with you.” The Women then surrounded me and ripped and cut off all of my clothes. i was instructed to kneel and then they laid into me, verbally humiliating me, telling me that i was useless and unworthy of wasting their precious weekend time. One distinct memory stands out in my mind at this point in the evening. The prominent Dominatrix started to pick on the Teva sandals i was wearing telling me i looked like a geek in them. The Dominatrix began to ruthlessly paddle and crop me in front of the crowd as they all laughed and joked.

Then i got a bit of a break; the shop had been closed while we were all in the back room and the door bell rang. It was a delivery person dropping off a large sushi dinner and some wine for the Women. All of the Females quickly exited the workbench room and went to the front room leaving me alone and whipped on all fours. Mistress Troy took some money out of my pants to pay the delivery person and instructed: “stay still and do not move until We all return.” There i waited listening to the Women in the next room enjoy Their dinner and wine. Mistress came back to check on me periodically but then quickly exited to rejoin the party.

After about an hour alone, Mistress returned with the jewelry shop owner and a few of the others. It seemed as if the Dominatrix who beat me earlier was bored and decided to leave with some of the other Women. After all, it was a beautiful summer Saturday evening in one of the world’s greatest Cities. Mistress was kind enough to feed me, She allowed me to eat all of the sushi scraps the Women did not want from the toes of Her boots. i attempted to nourish myself gulping discarded salmon roe, rotting white fish, and foul tasting Spanish-mackerel sashimi that the Women had spat out and discarded. Mistress did also allow me a few sips of wine; all of this was consumed while the stockings remained in my mouth.

The fun for the remaining Woman began immediately after my brief dinner. i was bound to a workbench chair in the middle of the room. Mistress Troy restrained all of my limbs so that any movement in retaliation of the torturous acts i was about to endure would be impossible. All of the Women began to laugh audibly. If you have ever heard Mistress Troy’s deep, hoarse and distinct sexy laugh, then you know it is a laugh only achieved by Her when She is having the best of times. She was achieving this laugh as the jeweler fired up a blow torch to torment me. The jeweler, wearing Her tight leather jeans and black tank top, approached me with the torch and began to heat up my nipples and genital area very much like She was forging silver to craft and design Her jewelry. The heat was intense and i screamed through the stockings and thick leather gag fused into my mouth. All of the Women were laughing in absolute glee at my misfortune and Mistress Troy seemed to be thoroughly amused and entertained.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY conducts female domination, fetish, and BDSM sessions with male slaves,
		submissives and masochists
The Jeweler's blowtorch used to torture Mistress Troy's masochistic slave in lower Manhattan, New York City

After several burnings with the blow torch, the Women then approached me with all sorts of wicked power tools. One that sticks out in my mind was a power drill with an attachment that tugged on my body hair and tangled it up very much like the chin hair of an elder Billy Goat. Mistress and the jeweler had the best time approaching me with this power drill. Seeing the look of pain and terror in my eyes, They would then press the drill against my naked flesh tangling and ripping the body hair out of my skin. This pleased all of the Women in the room immensely.

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix New York City NY conducts female domination, fetish, and BDSM sessions with male slaves, submissives
		and masochists
A sexy jeweler's equipment is used as "tools of torture" on Dominatrix Mistress Troy's masochistic slave in lower Manhattan, New York City

The torture ceased for a moment and then continued after a small toilette break from Mistress Troy. Remembering this precise moment, i was released from the chair and painfully shoved to the workroom floor. At ground level i noticed all sorts of metal shavings and melted pieces of jewelry. my body pressed against them as Mistress approached Her desirous toilette, my mouth wide open! Teasing me with the hope of a sprinkle, She then turned on Her stiletto heel and went into the bathroom to relieve Herself. When She returned, i was restrained again to a number of chairs with my ass in the air and my now ungagged mouth protruding forward. The jeweler began to cane me as Mistress presented me with a huge dildo to suck. Again all of the Women laughed as i suffered a welt-raising caning at the hands of the Nordic Jeweler while being forced to deep-throat a huge dildo. These activities went on until one of the Women realized it was now midnight and it was time to go clubbing. All of a sudden, what seemed to be an indefinite session, the activities came to a halt. All of the Women ignored me and i was ordered to clean up, they visited with one another and laughed a bit while Mistress Troy went into the restroom to change back into Her summer black dress. When She returned i was dismissed and instructed to exit the building, to walk quickly away and not look back. None of the Women even acknowledged my departure, it was almost like i did not even exist now that they had had their fill of me, causing me pain, making me suffer for their amusement and humiliating me. i looked at my watch now and it was around 12:30 AM. i could not believe i had been terrorized by all of these Women in the jeweler’s workbench room for over five hours.

As i walked away i immediately began to focus on the deep devotion i have for Mistress Troy. i hoped my courage to accept, deliver myself and then endure such treatment from Her and Her friends would prove that i am willing to do whatever She says and to take whatever She gives me. my next hopes were that during this evening i had distinguished myself as a willing slave in Her harem with whom She could truly do whatever She wanted. On my drive home that night, i stopped briefly at a rest area in the Connecticut woods and looked up at a clear sky. i then made a wish upon a star that more intense activities and assignments would follow from my beloved Mistress Troy.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY and a group of sadistic dominant females, including The Jeweler shown in black
		leather boots, humiliated and tortured a male slave in lower Manhattan
This sexy jewelry artist, along with a group of Mistress Troy's sadistic and dominant female friends, tortured and humiliated a masochistic sub in a downtown Manhattan jewelry shop

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