MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent Dominatrix Manhattan NYC trains male slaves and leather and bondage submissives in Her
              New York City dungeon

About Mistress Troy

New York City Dominatrix

Mistress Troy's Introduction, Professional Dominatrix, New York City

I am Mistress Troy, a Dominatrix in New York City. I maintain My own personal and exceptionally well-appointed dungeon in a residential apartment located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
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Important information about Mistress Troy, ProDomme, New York City

History, Privacy and Quality, Time and Tribute.
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Mistress Troy's Frequently Asked Questions page, New York

A list of questions that I, Mistress Troy, am frequently asked, along with brief answers and links to related information.
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BDSM, fetish, and FemDom sessions with Mistress Troy, Dominatrix, NYC

Find out how to serve and book BDSM, fetish, and female domination sessions with Me as you discover more about My interests and My exclusive dungeon in New York City.
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Mistress Troy's FemDom protocols for BDSM and fetish sessions in NYC

Learn and study all My rules and protocols. This will keep Me happy and yourself out of trouble and allowed to return to My dungeon.
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Mistress Troy's schedule for FemDom, BDSM, and fetish sessions in NYC

Check My schedule for My availability before requesting a session with Me.
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Mistress Troy's photo galleries, Professional Dominatrix, New York City

See pictures of Me, My dungeon, My BDSM equipment and fetish wear, and a few of My submissives.
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MISTRESS TROY - Professional Dominatrix - New York City

Go here to find useful and interesting information about Me and My colleagues as well as My BDSM "Stories" and "OWK" sections.
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Mistress Troy's gift list, ProDomme, New York City

For those who wish to bestow gifts or who are required to submit restitution, I have provided a comprehensive Gift List.
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Contact Mistress Troy, Professional Dominatrix, New York City

Visit this page for information about how to contact Me and not be ignored.
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Mistress Troy's news and updates, Professional Dominatrix, NYC

Latest news posted on May 13, 2024: Boots, Hair, Almost There
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