MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC keeps a very tight schedule, follow Her procedures and you may earn a spot
              in her datebook


Due to repair work in My dungeon, I am currently not doing sessions. Check My "Updates" page for information.

I, Mistress Troy, book BDSM sessions and other engagements weeks -- often months -- in advance and My schedule changes frequently. You should check this calendar page before contacting Me to arrange a session.

All sessions are a 2-hour minimum with the exception of a 45-minute "spanking-only" session and a 1-hour "foot worship only" session (more information can be found on My "Specific Fetishes" page).
1-hour sessions and 30-minute increments are not available.

Weekend sessions are reserved for those who have served Me in-person and have a proven record of reliability. The alternative is to submit My full Tribute in advance, which will be forfeited should you cancel at any time.


"WHITE DATES" - I HAVE AVAILABILITY for sessions with clients I know on the dates that are white/blank, although not necessarily the entire day. You may contact Me with a preferred time or time-range for these dates. New applicants must complete My screening process before I will schedule our first session. Plan ahead as this could take 2-4 weeks.

"YELLOW DATES" - MY DAY IS BOOKED SOLID with sessions and/or other appointments in New York City on "yellow dates." It is likely that these dates and times will change somewhat as the day approaches. If you have seen Me before, you may let Me know if you desire a session on a "yellow date" and I will put your name on a "Patiently Waiting List" in the event that I am able to rearrange My schedule; however, your expectations for this happening should be kept to a minimum.

"RED DATES" - I AM NOT AVAILABLE due to travel or other firm commitments on "red dates." It is unlikely that there will be much fluctuation with these dates (although it has happened). Additionally, I will have limited-to-NO ACCESS to e-mail on red dates.

"GREEN DATES" - AVAILABILITY IN A DIFFERENT CITY for clients I know and for those who have been screened in advance. On the rare occasions when I offer sessions while travelling, all sessions must be booked prior to My departure from New York City. I do not book new sessions once I arrive in the city. Check My "Updates" page, "Announcements" box and "Atlanta Sessions" page for location details. You can also hover over the date to see the location.


Review My Cancellation Policies before booking.

Click here for Booking Procedures.

Due to repair work, My dungeon is currently unusable for sessions.

Because I don't know exactly when My dungeon will be usable again, it is difficult for Me to accurately maintain My Calendar. The "red dates" are most accurate in that they are days I will not be in NYC. Otherwise, I keep filling in My Calendar with "yellow dates" as delays happen. I cannot commit to sessions on any dates until My dungeon is usable again, which I will announce on My website.
See My "Updates" page for more information.