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This is a dedicated "updates" page regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on My in-person FemDom (Female Domination), BDSM sessions in New York City.

Due to a variety of reasons, I have not resumed in-person sessions yet. Once I start again, I will only be seeing people I know and trust as I get back into the swing of things. As soon as I have My stable whipped back into shape, I will commence screening new applicants.


I will not be seeing new people for in-person sessions before October 2024. I do not know exactly when, but I will update here as the situation changes. This means I am not currently screening new applicants. As soon as I start accepting "Introduction E-mails" again, I will announce it here. (See "OUR FIRST SESSION" page for instructions on how to submit your "Introduction E-mail" and for information regarding My screening process.)


I will probably not be able to do in-person sessions before July 2024, possibly longer. I will be in touch with individuals about phone sessions as I am able to do them.


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Posted June 16, 2020:

New York City is in "Phase One" of the state's regional phased reopening plan. Click here for more information: Reopening New York

I have no definitive plan or rules to post yet for My in-person sessions, but I have been searching the internet to try and get an idea of what other professional Dominatrixes and FemDommes are doing. We are "all in this together," but with the ever-evolving, often contradictory, COVID-19 information out there, it now feels more like "every person for yourself" when it comes to protecting ourselves from getting the virus.

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease. There is no vaccine. There is no proven treatment. While getting tested continues to become easier in New York City, I am not sure how helpful it will be in protecting Myself and My clients over the coming weeks. I personally know one person (in their 50's) who died from this virus. I also know several people who suffered horribly with it and some who tested positive, but experienced no symptoms. It has been a traumatic few months here in New York City.

I do not want to get infected with this virus and I do not want to pass it along to anyone else. Unfortunately, I have seen firsthand in My NYC neighborhood and on television the herds of people gathering without face masks and with almost no physical distance from each other. The number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations is increasing in many states (and some countries) and this is troubling, to put it mildly. It appears as if lots of people think the virus has disappeared, but it has not.

Keeping all this in mind, I am considering in-person sessions on a case-by-case basis. I am moving forward slowly and with extreme caution. The people who have contacted Me about starting back with in-person sessions feel the same. We all want to experience in-person sessions again; however, when the details are discussed, reality sets in, and people hesitate.

One thing is certain, anyone who enters My dungeon will have to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds, but there is much more to consider.



I have had two people in My dungeon recently. Both drove their own vehicle to My neighborhood and both stringently follow the COVID-19 safety protocols. One was a cleaning boy who was in a different room most of the time. One was My long-time submissive who almost always finds himself getting a spanking when he shows up to serve Me. During this session, we were both overly cautious as we tried to navigate our new circumstances. We were both hesitant, for ourselves and for each other. The entire session we either had our face masks on or we kept a safe distance from each other. In the end, so to speak, no spanking was given. We sat 6 feet apart and enjoyed the wine and snacks he brought as we caught up on the past few months and tried to figure out how to move forward safely. It was an absolutely welcome and delightful afternoon, especially given the underlying stressors of the time. But, not everyone wants this kind of session nor to serve in this way.

Posted July 21, 2020:

New York City started "Phase Four" of reopening this week. Click here for more information: Reopening New York

Most of what I have to say is a repeat of what's written above, but here are a few additional thoughts and facts, in no particular order:

Posted August 21, 2020:

I will try to not repeat what is written above. Using a bit of a "thinking out loud" approach, following are updates on what's happening:

Over the past month, three more people in My life have died. One death was not COVID-related, one death was a suicide, and I am still waiting to hear on the cause of the third death. Since mid-February (2020), I know several people who have passed away (not all COVID-related) and there have been no official memorial services, yet. I am spending a great deal of time communicating and grieving with relatives, friends, and neighbors. Additionally, I am helping with the caretaking of two people while trying to protect Myself from the virus.

Along with all this, I am also shocked by how many people I know who had, or have, COVID-19. After New York City received a devastating blow, we have done a great job of curbing the virus. However, until everyone in the country takes the virus seriously and acts accordingly, I believe we will continue to experience spikes and "hot spots" and I think the virus could circle back around to NYC, especially if New Yorkers get lax. This is one of the reasons why I remain hesitant about doing in-person sessions.

As I talk to and reconnect with people mostly around the U.S.A., it is clear to Me that people are having varied experiences and are being impacted quite differently by the virus. My general, non-scientific findings are:

All this strongly indicates to Me that, aside from isolating, wearing a face mask really does help prevent the spread of the virus, and not wearing one around other people is stupid -- and thoughtless -- at this point in time.

Also, dealing with the virus feels like playing Russian Roulette to Me. If you get near people you might get the virus or you might not and, if you do get infected, you don’t know what, if any, symptoms you will suffer, or what, if any, long-term issues you will experience. Death is a possibility too, although I think the odds of surviving the virus have increased as we learn more about it.

Considering the non-stop sessions and travel I was enjoying through mid-March, I am thankful and still very surprised that I did not catch COVID-19 early in the year. However, like most professional Dominatrixes, I always act as if "everyone has everything" and I practice stringent hygiene and cleaning protocols inside My dungeon and out. It is reassuring to know this behavior pays off!

I wrote above in June, "I do not want to get infected with this virus and I do not want to pass it along to anyone else," and My thoughts remain the same. Among other considerations, My dungeon is small and once I "seal" everything up for sound-muffling purposes there is no fresh airflow to speak of. I use an air filter, but I am researching newer models. Until further notice:


Posted October 6, 2020:

I have decided that I will not see any new people before January 2021, and I will reevaluate the situation at that time. I will continue to see people I know on a case-by-case basis.

The main reason for this decision is that even with the people I know and trust there is an underlying current of stress when meeting for in-person sessions. I do not want to experience this kind of stress during first-time sessions (sessions should be satisfying and enjoyable experiences!). Also, the number of new COVID-19 cases in New York City had been holding steady at a low rate until the past week or so, but now there are spikes in at least 10 Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods. Additionally, the cold and flu season is quickly approaching, which brings with it even more uncertainly.

Fall is normally My busiest time of the year for sessions as well as being a beautiful and bustling season in New York City. Since "everything" has been canceled or is not fully open for the foreseeable future, many of My submissives, masochists, subjects, clients will not be visiting NYC soon. It makes Me sad to think about not being able to see some of My favorite people this autumn. Of course this will pass eventually and we can all look forward to that day.

Posted December 17, 2020:

I will not be seeing new people before March 2021 and there is a good chance that I will not do any in-person sessions with people I know before then either. While the vaccine has given us a beginning to the end of this pandemic, we all know how dire the situation currently is and likely will be over the coming weeks.

Since everybody's experience of the pandemic and other current events is different, I am going to list a few (there are many) anecdotes that have informed My decision to continue to isolate. But, mainly, I feel like I am surrounded by the virus, sickness, and death. The dense population and logistics of being in New York City definitely contribute to this feeling. However, I know/know of so many people who have/had the virus, are ill (one with terminal cancer), and who have died of COVID-19, suicide, and other causes within the past 9 months that I am, gloomily, starting to loss track off the top of My head. It is fortunate for Me that none of the deaths happened in My immediate family or closest circle of friends; however, all the deaths have affected Me and have certainly impacted the lives of those even closer to the deceased.

I know the majority of people survive a COVID-19 infection without serious incident, as far as we know to date. However, all the above anecdotes combined with plenty of other stories, observations, and experiences have led Me to believe, 1) the adage "you don't know where that person (or is it tongue?) has been" and, 2) I still don’t want to contract COVID-19.

By the way, I am shocked and appalled by the number of people/families (both friends and relatives) I know who are getting together for the holidays, most gatherings consisting of three generations or more. I understand people believe they and their loved ones are being safe but, again, you really don’t know what people have been up to. Plus, show some respect for all the healthcare workers who are putting their life and well-being on the line daily, often to save thoughtless, irresponsible people. Just stay home alone or only with immediate household members for a few more months. Don't add to the COVID-19 case load.

With that in mind, enjoy the holidays as best as possible during this time we have been given, perhaps by reading a book, listening to music, helping someone in need, reflecting on your life and/or the meaning of the holiday(s) you celebrate, and looking forward to serving and suffering for Me once again!

Posted January 21, 2021:

Since My last post here in December, I know of two more people who died from COVID-19 and dozens more who have been infected. I am a bit numb at this point and, sadly, I am losing track of everyone's situation. The good news is that I know five people who have had the first shot of the vaccine, so progress is being made, slowly. Unfortunately, though, not in New York City, but we will get there eventually.

Because I feel surrounded by the virus (literally since a second covid testing site opened within a block of My dungeon), I am trying to stay isolated. I get food when necessary, walk for exercise, and I sometimes go to doctor's appointments with people I am helping to care take. Visiting with anyone is very stressful so I am not doing in-person sessions yet. I will update this page as I have more information to share.

Posted November 14, 2021:

I ended up getting infected with COVID-19 in early 2021, and I don’t know how. I wrote about it in My June 23, 2021 "Update."

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