MISTRESS TROY top-rated professional independent Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York uses service-oriented submissives


When positions are available in My stable, I accept applications from service-oriented submissives. The fit must be right for both of us. I am extremely methodical, meticulous, demanding, private, and discreet. Becoming My servant is a slow process and it requires a long-term commitment as I will spend a great deal of time training and molding you into an exemplary servant/submissive.

This is not a "barter for sessions or playtime" situation. This is not social time. This is not a paid job. This is a special opportunity for true submissives who take pride in their work, performance, and skills, to serve a Dominant Female who is understanding and compassionate, yet strict and intolerant of annoying, incompetent, or needy subjects, and substandard performance.


I am located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City. You should live in, work in, and/or have quick and easy access to New York City.

Your exact title and responsibilities will be determined by Me as I learn about you and the areas in which you thrive and excel. Here is a general list of positions and duties:

Cleaning boy/girl

Errand boy/girl

Driver / Chauffeur

Before applying, you should read My entire website to become familiar with Me and My protocols, to learn about how I operate, and to find out what is expected of My submissives in general. Studying My website will allow you to make an informed decision about our compatibility before wasting My time and yours with unacceptable application submittals and requests. If you ask questions that are answered on My website, it is likely your application will be discarded without a response.

Depending on the position(s) for which you apply and are used, the time requirements could be anywhere from 1-6 hours per week or per month. Mainly weekdays, but this is also contingent upon the duties being performed and My schedule.

You should enjoy being helpful, useful and productive, and/or feel satisfaction from providing exceptional service. You should be capable, reliable, discreet, self-motivated, clean, articulate and able to easily comprehend and follow instructions and commands. You should be aware of and able to communicate your submissive and service-oriented needs, however, do not send Me a list of fetishes and kinks you want "fulfilled" with your service application.

No smoking allowed when serving Me.


In order to receive a response, you must follow precisely the "Application Instructions" below.


You should send a concise and proper (no shorthand) e-mail containing the following information:

Subject Line Should Read:


Body of E-mail Should Include:

  1. Your first and last name.
    You may use a fake name now. However, your real name will be required before you are allowed into My personal dungeon.
    Identify yourself using both names EVERY TIME you correspond with Me until instructed otherwise.
  2. The city/town where you reside.
    Include the state if it is not in New York.
  3. The city/town where you work or attend school.
    Include the state if it is not in New York.
  4. In general, your profession (field, industry) and/or course of study.
  5. Your telephone number.
    You should let Me know if this is a mobile, office or home phone number.
  6. The position(s) for which you are applying (or another skill set or service you are offering).
  7. Your experience and skills in this area.
  8. Who you have served and in what capacity.
    Include their contact information if you are comfortable with Me communicating with them to verify your history.
  9. Your general availability.
  10. Why you want to serve Me and how you will be an asset in My life, as opposed to a liability or hindrance.
  11. The name on your FetLife profile, if you have one.
  12. Include 2 or 3 clear pictures of yourself (one headshot and one full-body).
    Do not send Me pictures of your genitals -- if you do, your application will be disqualified.
    Do not send more than three (3) pictures.

Send to:

If you follow My "Application Instructions" exactly, you will receive a response at My convenience. Be aware, though, that becoming My (or anyone's) servant is a very personal, complex and intimate process, and it involves a great deal of mutual trust. After many years of screening submissives and hands-on experience, I know almost instantly upon seeing an application if there exists the potential for a D/s relationship to flourish. If I feel this is not the case, I will say so. Whether we are the right Dominant/submissive fit or not, I hope every submissive experiences the joys of serving and enhancing the life of their ideal Domme.

If your application represents what I am looking for, I will contact you at My convenience to schedule a phone interview -- patience is also an essential element of belonging to My stable.

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