MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York has a loyal following of submissives, masochists, slaves and fetishists


The information on this page is for those who serve and session with Me, Mistress Troy, on a regular basis.

Deep and Sincere Appreciation

Your continuing loyalty, devotion and trust over the years has enriched My life and allowed Me to enjoy and share in experiences that are not always so simple -- or complex -- outside My dungeon. For all this and more, I extend an enthusiastic and heartfelt thank you.


Visit My "Booking Procedures for Returning Clients/Submissives" page for instructions on how to book a session with Me.

Extended Phone Conversations

I truly enjoy our time together and always look forward to our next session. I am willing to spend time on the phone discussing upcoming scenes; however, these conversations can easily last half-an-hour or longer if I do not put an end to them.

My schedule does not allow for lengthy phone conversations without being compensated for My time. If you think that 5 minutes or less is not adequate time to complete a phone call with Me, then visit My "Phone Sessions" page and book an appointment with Me, or consider sending a token of appreciation from My "Gift List." Phone Sessions will also provide an opportunity for us to enjoy an uninterrupted and unrushed extended conversation between sessions.

Lengthy Written Correspondences

I frequently receive long, often poorly formatted, missives from people whom I do and do not know. I always (eventually) read -- and generally enjoy -- everything I receive from those who serve Me, however:

  1. I am a slow reader and an even slower typer
  2. I would much rather spend time "in the flesh" than pecking away at an electronic device

Therefore, do not expect quick or lengthy e-mail replies from Me. Scheduling matters take priority. You can read more about how I manage My time and e-mail on My "Important" page, and you will find the following "Question & Answer" on My "FAQ" page:

Can I send you something I wrote to read?

Yes, but only with prior permission and compensation for My time if it is longer than three average-length paragraphs.

I enjoy and use the insight I gain from reading My subjects' writings and stories. However, I barely have time to read the e-mails I receive on a daily basis, therefore I have to specifically schedule time to read anything extra you wish to send Me. Depending on the length and/or number of writings you wish to send, financial compensation or a gift from My Gift List will be expected. The writings should also be in an easy-to-read format.

Group E-mails

I do not have a mailing list, but I will occasionally send out a "group e-mail" to those who serve Me on a regular basis. If you do not wish to be included in such e-mails and/or you do not want to hear from Me unexpectedly, you may let Me know at any time.

Storage of Personal Items

I will provide storage for personal toys and other items for regularly returning individuals. However, if two years pass without any contact from you whatsoever, you lose all rights to your items and will never see them again.