MISTRESS TROY ProDomme Manhattan NYC New York answers questions about slaves serving Her in BDSM, fetish and femdom sessions


Due to repair work in My dungeon, I am currently not doing sessions. Check My "Updates" page for information.

Where are you located, Mistress Troy?

"Upper East Side" of Manhattan, New York City, United States of America

For more information about My location, see My "Session Details" page.

Is it a private Dungeon?

Yes. It is completely Mine. I do not share or rent out My dungeon space.

For more information about My dungeon and privacy policies, see "Additional Information," "My Dungeon and Equipment" and "Important."

Can I / we rent your dungeon?


Even though I clearly state that My dungeon is not available to rent, I still receive requests. There are several reasons why I do not rent out My dungeon, but one reason I hope everyone will understand is that I simply do not have the space to rent out. I have a one-room dungeon in a small apartment which also contains My office and personal space. I use My dungeon for My sessions and when I am not in a session, I am still in the space taking care of other business-related and personal matters. If this situation changes, I will update My website.

What is your Tribute?

My exact Tribute structure cannot be found on this website. You must send the proper "Introduction E-mail" to receive that information. Read "Our First Session" page for details.

My Tribute is at the high end of the range for sessions with professional Dominatrixes in New York City. It is reflective of My experience, skills, high caliber of equipment I use and maintain, and the professionalism, discretion and privacy I offer.

My sessions are a 2-hour minimum with two exceptions, a strictly enforced 45-minute "spanking-only" session and a 1-hour "foot worship only" session. More details about both can be found on My "Specific Fetishes" page.

Do you accept Google, Cash App, etc.?

I only accept cash, U.S. postal money orders, credit cards, and one popular online-payment platform, which I do not name on My website because they will terminate My account if I do (for violating their terms of service related to "adult" businesses).

For more details and information, see My "Payment Options" page.

Do you sell, or are you in, videos?

No. I only offer in-person sessions and phone sessions.

For more information, see My Additional Information page.

Do you do Zoom, Skype, or webcam sessions?

No. I only offer in-person sessions and phone sessions.

For more information about what I do and do not offer, see My "Additional Information" page.

I am new to BDSM and have never served a Dominatrix before, will you see me?

Yes, if you are genuine and can follow My instructions. Learn about Me, and what is expected of you, by reading My website. Start with My "Introduction" page, then "How to Choose and Make an Appointment with A Professional Dominatrix," and go from there.

How do I book a session with you?

For a first-time session with Me, go to "Our First Session" page, read it, and follow the instructions.

For returning clients, see My "Booking Procedures For Returning Clients/submissives" page.

For general guidelines on choosing and booking a session with a ProDomme, go to: "How to Choose and Make an Appointment with A Professional Dominatrix."

Do you offer same-day sessions?

No, not for first-time sessions with Me.

If I know and enjoy you, you may ask. However, My Calendar fills up quickly and it is extremely rare that I will be available on the same day. My time is a rare gift I give you. Plan accordingly.

How much notice do you need to book a session?

As much notice as possible. If you have a proven record of reliability, 24 hours will occasionally work. I maintain a full stable of submissives and clients, and I schedule personal and professional engagements weeks-to-months in advance. The more notice when booking, the better.

Go to My "Calendar" and "Booking Procedures For Returning Clients/submissives" page for additional information on scheduling.

Can I send you something to read?

Possibly, with prior permission and Tribute for My time if it is longer than two average-length paragraphs.

I enjoy and use the insight I gain from reading My subjects' writings and stories. However, I barely have time to read the e-mails I receive on a daily basis, therefore I have to specifically schedule time to read anything extra you wish to send Me. Depending on the length and/or number of writings you wish to send, financial compensation or a gift from My Gift List will be expected. Additionally, the writings should be in an easy-to-read format.

How tall are you?

5' 9" (175 cm.) in bare feet.

What do you like?

First and foremost, I like it when you follow My instructions (and obey My rules and commands). This makes Me extremely happy and it should be the simplest thing for a submissive -- or anyone who wishes to see Me -- to do. Yet it is often the most difficult task for even the sincerest subject to accomplish. Once you make your way to My feet, I like to tie you up (or not) and do whatever I want. To learn more about Me and everything else I enjoy, read My website.

What do you dislike?

See My "Taboo" page for this information.

Do you see couples?

No, not during the COVID-19 pandemic. I will update this answer when the situation changes.

Do you offer extended and overnight sessions?

Yes. See My "Extended and Overnight Sessions" page for more information.

Do you offer phone sessions?

Yes. See My "Phone Sessions" page for details.

For more information about what I do and do not offer, see My "Additional Information" page.

Will you meet me for lunch, dinner, "a drink" or "social time"?

If I do not know you, no.

If I do know you, possibly, given we have a long-term or consistent and clearly established Dominant/submissive relationship. Tribute is required for My time, and a discreet physical "reminder" of your position will be engaged while we are in public together.

Do you travel for sessions?

Yes, I travel to -- and with -- worthy submissives and subjects for BDSM sessions and related adventures, but only under very specific conditions. I do not travel a “circuit” of cities where I book multiple sessions per day during a short visit.

You can find more detail on My "Session Details" page.

How do you clean your equipment?

The answer to this question is at the bottom of "My Dungeon and Equipment" page, under "CLEANING AND CARE."

Can I be your personal slave or houseboy?

When a ProDomme is asked this question, it is interpreted as: "Can I have free sessions?" and will usually be ignored. If you want free sessions and "playtime," the answer is: No.

If you have skills to offer that are worth My thoughtful consideration, you may visit this page, DOMESTIC SERVICE POSITIONS, to learn about what I require and how to apply for a service position.

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