MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent Pro Domme Manhattan NYC, book your first BDSM, fetish, femdom session in her exclusive dungeon.


Due to repair work in My dungeon, I am currently not doing sessions. Check My "Updates" page for information.

This page will explain how to contact Me, Dominatrix Mistress Troy, for the first time in regard to booking a BDSM, FemDom (Female Domination), and/or fetish session with Me in New York City. If you request a session and you do not follow precisely the instructions given on this page, your Introduction E-mail will be ignored. Once we have enjoyed a successful first-time session together, it will be easier and quicker for you to book subsequent sessions with Me.


If you wish to learn more about Me and My ProDomme sessions before you submit your Introduction E-mail, you should start by visiting these pages:

Your "Introduction E-mail"

The correct way to make first contact with Me

In order to receive My serious consideration for a session, you must submit a written request that is well thought out and concise. If I deem your introduction to be sincere and you have followed My instructions exactly, I will respond with an "Informational E-mail." This e-mail will contain My Tribute structure along with details for submitting the required $100 Tribute in order to proceed with a Phone Interview.

I will reply only to the e-mail address from which the Introduction is received.

Helpful Hint: My inbox overflows with session requests that range in style from offensive one-liners to multiple-page ramblings about almost every topic imaginable -- I rarely finish reading these missives. We all have different approaches, however, if you want your Introduction to be read by Me, take the time to send a thoughtful request while following the instructions given below.

I will NOT reply to any correspondence that does not contain ALL of the following information:

  1. Your first AND last name -- whether real or not -- for My identification purposes.
    Do not use "sub" or "slave" as your first or last name. It is important that you identify yourself using both names EVERY TIME you correspond with Me until instructed otherwise. I know and I am contacted by dozens of people named "Bob," "John," "Tom," "Steve," "Robert," and so on. It wastes My time to try and figure out who e-mails are from when the senders do not clearly identify themselves within the written text of an e-mail. It is also confusing when the name given does not match the name in the e-mail address.
  2. The city/town and state/country where you reside.
  3. A telephone number where I can discreetly contact you.
    You should let Me know if this is a mobile, office or home phone number.
  4. Your desired date(s) and time(s) for a session.
    You should first check My "Calendar" page and plan several weeks in advance for a first-time session.
    2-hour minimum / 3-hour maximum length for a first-time session with Me.
  5. Your level of experience, including type(s) of training received and who you have served.
    For example, occasional play with a personal partner, full-time service to a spouse, professional sessions, etc.
  6. A written explanation specifying what interests you hope to pursue with Me.
    Include your "hard limits."
  7. Any health problems and/or limitations.
  8. Explain how you found My website.
  9. How you view My website -- desk top computer monitor, laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.
  10. Type "INTRODUCTION E-MAIL" in the Subject line.
    Do not change any Subject line I respond with until after our Phone Interview. I often sort and search for e-mails by the Subject line. If you change or omit a subject line, your e-mail will probably get lost in My inbox for a very long time.
  11. Do not send attachments of any kind or size with your Introduction E-mail.
    This means DO NOT send pictures of yourself with your Introduction E-mail.

Send to:


I am extremely discerning about who I invite into My space, My service and My life. My screening process is designed to provide a higher level of confidence in regard to our mutual safety and compatibility than what a quick phone call (or text message) a few hours before we meet could offer. My screening process should not be difficult for those possessing at least an average level of intelligence, and it weeds out the disingenuous, hesitant, and inept along the way.

  1. The first step of the process is to submit the required "Introduction E-mail" as instructed above, and then be prepared to patiently wait.
  2. If your Introduction meets with My approval, I will reply with My "Informational E-mail" within three days, possibly a little longer if I am traveling. If I do not respond to your "Introduction E-mail" within one month, you have most likely failed to follow My instructions, although there is a small possibility that I did not receive or see your e-mail. You should review your "Introduction E-mail" for errors and resend.
  3. If you wish to proceed after reading My "Informational E-mail," you must send an appropriate reply and submit the $100 non-refundable Tribute for our Phone Interview.
  4. Once I have received your reply and $100 submission, I will contact you via e-mail to schedule our Phone Interview.

Also note:


It is exhilarating for Me to meet people with complementary passions and goals within the realm of femdom, BDSM and fetish. I look forward to your successful completion of My screening process.

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