MISTRESS TROY Professional Independent Dominatrix Manhattan NYC schedules BDSM sessions with Her male submissives and slaves
		 	  in Her dungeon


History, Privacy, Expectations

This page reveals a little about Me, Mistress Troy, clarifies Tribute expectations and explains how I respond to e-mails.


BDSM is a core part of My being. A dominant controlling sadistic female is who I am as well as what I do. A confluence of circumstances many years ago led to My contemplation of offering professional BDSM sessions as a Dominatrix -- My personal BDSM toy collection and fetish wardrobe outgrew My home, I was confident that there was a larger selection and variety of bottoms with whom to share My subtle dominance, sadistic cravings and passion for bondage and I also knew that clearer boundaries and rules within My scenes and relationships would help to address social-, privacy-, safety- and emotional-related issues.

After careful consideration and study of how I might best achieve these goals without negatively affecting my personal experience with BDSM, I began offering professional sessions as a Dominatrix. In 1995, I worked very briefly at the now defunct Arena Blaze, a woman-owned and -operated House of Dominance in New York City, before sharing a multi-room dungeon space with another highly regarded Dominatrix, Mistress Venus, for several years. Since 1999, I have enjoyed My own smaller -- yet completely private -- dungeon, and My space and practice of BDSM continues to thrive and evolve.

My professional sessions have enhanced My "lifestyle" and to this day I derive great personal pleasure from all the scenes in which I engage. I am quite discerning about who I choose to play with and I do not see people with whom I have no common interests or chemistry. I have never come close to the edge of "burn-out" because I know how to handle and pace Myself and My companions. I also believe it is extremely important to attain a mutual trust and respect in all My BDSM relationships, and I put forth great effort to develop a connection with those who see and serve Me.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY conducts female domination, fetish, and BDSM sessions with
				male slaves, submissives and masochists
Mistress Troy's first dungeon, Manhattan, New York City

Privacy & Quality

I insist upon quality sessions that are clean, safe, and satisfying experiences for all involved while providing the utmost discretion and privacy. To this end, I operate and maintain My practice as a sole Proprietrix. While a very few submissives enjoy the privilege of cleaning for Me, performing as My chauffeur and running select errands, I do not enlist the help of others for administrative and most dungeon-related tasks. This means I spend My time providing some of the following assurances:

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix New York City NY conducts female domination, fetish, and BDSM sessions with male slaves,
				submissives and masochists
Mistress Troy screens new applicants for FemDomme and BDSM sessions

Time & Tribute Expectations

BDSM is an integral part of My well-rounded and balanced life, however, I do have other interests and matters that require My attention. I am exceptionally organized and precise with My time and I expect the same from those who see and serve Me, professionally or otherwise. My days are full and booked weeks -- often months -- in advance.

To better manage your expectations, the following information will help illustrate how I operate:

When I am with an individual or involved in any other type of engagement, My attention is focused exclusively on that person, activity, or event. I do not answer or make calls nor do I check e-mails during these times. You will receive the same consideration of My full attention when we are in session together -- we will not be interrupted nor will I be distracted.

Sessions in My dungeon generally run between 3-16 hours, with occasional 2- to 4-day trips when I travel to, or with, a submissive for a more intense, extended experience. Sessions alone create large blocks of time where I do not receive or return any messages. Outside of actual "session hours" for which I receive Tribute, I spend My time uncompensated on physically maintaining My dungeon along with the typical administrative tasks common to any well-managed business.

I never use text messaging, and I do not possess a handheld device on which to constantly check e-mail. Correspondences regarding scheduling take priority. When all these circumstances are combined, there are literally only a few minutes in My average day, if that, to read and return e-mails. Therefore, it can take several days -- or even weeks -- for Me to “catch up." When time allows, I sit at My desk to respond to e-mails in a more complete and thoughtful manner. I do not request Tribute for this type of courtesy; however, you must keep in mind the following:

My Tribute is My financial income. As with anyone else, My income is how I pay My bills and purchase the necessities in life, not to mention the wardrobe, equipment and space I use for our time together. Similar to other types of professionals you may engage, you pay Tribute (also called "rates" or "fees") for the time you book with Me and the attention I bestow. I cannot accept invitations to meals, travel, or other activities without receiving Tribute for My time.

For those who want phone conversations lasting longer than 5 minutes with Me, I offer telephone appointments. See My "Phone Sessions" page for information.

My collection of submissives et al. has been meticulously selected from a small group of only the best and the brightest. Now that the above situation has been made clear, you are to behave accordingly.

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