MISTRESS TROY, Professional Dominatrix in NYC, Sublime Lady of The OWK (Other World Kingdom)

OWK - The Other World Kingdom

The Private State of Supreme Women

Czech Republic

A Little About OWK

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix NYC Sublime Lady of The Other World Kingdom (OWK), The Private State of
              Supreme Women, unique in the area of Female supremacy

Although the "resort" component of The Other World Kingdom is just a moment in history now, it was a very special, one-of-a-kind place during its existence. The Other World Kingdom opened in Černá, Czech Republic, in June 1996. It was The Private State of Supreme Women. The OWK maintained its own currency, passports, police force, courts, state flag and state hymn. I heard rumors of its passing in 2011. Sadly in 2012, I was shown a real estate listing for the property that was The OWK.

I am fortunate to have enjoyed three stays at The OWK in 2000 and 2001. Each visit was for an OWK anniversary celebration or competition and all were unique and amazing experiences. The OWK was an authentic matriarchal society with a distinct set of laws that were to be completely obeyed by all males. The slaves I encountered there were true worshipers of Women in the healthiest sense, and they were profoundly sincere in their efforts to serve, please and amuse all of the Women attending The OWK celebrations. Some of My fondest and most fun memories are of The OWK.

The OWK was unique in the area of Female supremacy. As opposed to other fetish and BDSM gatherings and events around the world, The OWK was a real-life setting where all males had to maintain a submissive mindset and behavior every moment they remained within the walls of the State. I know of no other place on the planet that is similar in any way to The OWK.

I miss The OWK terribly, but change is inevitable. I may expand on this page as I have time, and I may even find a few more pictures to add.

This was the location of the OWK website:


I met U.S. Dominatrix Mistress Simone Justice for the first time at OWK in 2000. See her OWK page here:

In March 2015, an article about The OWK (Other World Kingdom) was published in a "main-stream" publication called GOOD. The title of the article is "Welcome to the Other World, The rise and fall of a kinky, real-life femdom nation," by Mark Hay. I did not participate in the article although I am mentioned. A podcast about this article was broadcast on The Huffington Post in April 2015, " HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: When A Bunch Of Dominatrixes And Their Slaves Start Their Own Nation."

UPDATE: November 2017
I do not know the details, but FemDom filming is taking place at The OWK once again and money is being donated to restore the property. If and when I have time, I will post the links I know about here. Until then, you can search the internet for information.

My OWK Citizenship

I, Mistress Troy, received My citizenship and became a Sublime Lady of The Other World Kingdom on September 9, 2000.


About My Trip to OWK in June 2001
Written by Mistress Troy

Best Whipped Male Ass Contest
My slave's account of the "Best Whipped Male Ass" contest which took place during our visit to The Other World Kingdom (OWK) in June, 2000.

The Slave Hunt at OWK
An accurate account of the June 2000 Slave Hunt in The Other World Kingdom (OWK).

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix New York City is a Subline Lady of The Other World Kingdom (OWK)
State Flag of The Other World Kingdom (OWK)

MISTRESS TROY Dominatrix New York City is a Subline Lady of The OWK
OWK Castle, c.1920, 'Belle époque' before confiscation in 1950 and slow destruction through 1990 by communists of Czechoslovakia. Built in 1580.