Best Whipped Male Ass Contest

at The Other World Kingdom (OWK), June, 2000

- submitted by slave elliott -

Mistress Troy has directed her slave to write a truthful account of his experiences at the Annual Celebration of Female Supremacy at OWK (Other World Kingdom). The slave, while eager to obey the commands of his Mistress, has found it difficult to adequately convey the intensity of the experiences. The first attempts seemed to focus more on his own sufferings than the honor it was to be with his Mistress in circumstances where he could demonstrate his devotion and obedience for extended periods of time. She had accorded him the honor and privilege to accompany her to this unique place where she could be among her peers. It was expected that the slave should suffer pain and humiliation during his time of service, but being disciplined and punished as it pleased his Mistress were not the reason or purpose for her visit. The slave therefore has tried to focus his narrative on the unique reality of the Kingdom where one must truly want to be a slave to all women.

Obedient to the commands of his Mistress he has been trying to find another way of expressing himself; one that will fulfil the instructions of his Mistress as well as conveying to the reader what it was like to be a part of the Kingdom. Rather than a long introductory narrative the slave starts with his recollections of the night he was given to Mistress Boss at "Club Wanda."

These events took place during the second day of the Celebration and offer a candid account of the slave's efforts to please his Mistress and her friends. The Club is a cavernous space, about one hundred and fifty yards in length and fifty yards wide, located on the second floor of the Long House. A bar covers the wall on one side with a DJ booth and dancing area in the back that can easily accommodate more than 100 people. Someone with a great sense of irony has chosen the name Wanda, the first "Venus in Furs" for the nightclub at OWK but that night everyone’s focus was on the sturdy black whipping frame that two house slaves had just placed in the center of the hall.

It was now time for one of the favorite events of the Celebration; the contest for the best whipped male ass. Any Mistress or Guardess may compete for the prize. The Mistress has three minutes to whip the slave in whatever manner and with whatever instrument she may choose. After which a panel of judges, Sublime Ladies of the Kingdom who are experienced and impartial, score the results based on the intensity of the whipping, the color and pattern of the strokes and the overall performance.

When the Mistress of Ceremonies announced the first contestant the club became quiet. Mistress Troy was seated in a small alcove, visiting with several of her friends. As the first contestant came forward Mistress Troy turned and spoke to Mistress Irene Boss who was seated beside her. Looking over her shoulder she smiled at her slave who stood quietly in the background. Earlier that evening she had told him that she might offer him to Mistress Boss for the competition and now he waited in fearful anticipation of this summons. The slave tried not to show his fear but Mistress Troy knew him too well. Snapping her fingers and beckoning him to come and kneel at her feet in front of her friends and watch the first beating, she teased him about his ordeal to come.

Now the first contestant and her slave walked to the whipping frame. The slave, wearing only a small leather thong, bends over the frame and positions himself for his Mistress. Everyone's focus was now on the "canvas" of white skin that was about to be painted. The Mistress stood just behind her slave and when the timing slave called "Go," she began to thrash him with a cane, covering his cheeks with red stripes. She was an experienced Mistress and had won the contest before -- now she proceeded to systematically cover his buttocks and thighs with vivid red stripes. The whistle of the cane and the smack of its impact on the exposed flesh were a metronome of pain that hypnotized the onlookers, especially the slave who now knelt at the feet of his Mistress. Her arm, swinging in short, rapid stokes raised welts all over the exposed flesh of the slave who remained almost motionless on the frame. Finally the timer slave called "Stop" breaking the silence. The crown applauded loudly.

The next contestant is called and Mistress Boss turns towards the slave. Paralyzed with fear he stands, but does not move until a sharp tug on his collar ring jolts him back to consciousness and he obediently follows Mistress Boss to the whipping frame. She positions him on the frame patting his ass affectionately. The slave spreads his legs and clutches the bar connecting the front legs of the frame. Despite the anticipation of this pain the slave's greatest fear is that he will shamefully disappoint both Mistresses with his pathetic lack of courage. This is not a private dungeon where only his Mistress will hear his sniveling whines for mercy. He is now on display for all to see and wants desperately to please her, or at the very least, not embarrass her.

There is little subtlety involved in the caning of a male slave. The creature presents himself or is bound in such a way that the Mistress can easily strike any part of his exposed skin that she wishes with little effort. An easy step forward or to the side allows her to shift the pattern of her stripes marking his flesh with a design of her choosing as she varies the timing and intensity of the impacts. This is not to say that a punishment cane, in the hand of an experienced Mistress was not a fearful experience for any slave. The slave had often felt it's power at Mistress Troy's boots or bound and suspended for her pleasure. She had marked him well on many occasions but tonight it would not be the cane that marked his flesh but rather the long bullwhip of Madame Boss.

He has felt the bite of her whip before and has a deep and fearful respect for the whip and its owner. The slave knew that he would be marked with an elegant precision that few can achieve. Unlike the cane, which only flexes slightly, the 15-foot bullwhip is a sinuous creature of tremendous power and versatility. Wielded with strength and skill by Mistress Boss, the great snake wraps its slender tail across the curves of its victim just before its braided end bites into the soft flesh. The fiery kisses linger much longer than the stripes of the cane and can find their way into all the soft curves and secret places. It's fangs striking the tender skin between the thighs or wrapping itself around the slaves hips -- the braided ends slapping the stomach or the tender flesh between the cheeks of his backside.

As Mistress Boss shakes out the whip on the floor the crowd moves back. The slave cannot see but can hear the faint rustling as she lets the whip slither along the floor before she carefully coils it for the first strike. He is not chained to the frame but now wishes desperately that he was not only tightly stretched and bound, but also gagged so that it could silence his cries and leave only his tears. But he will have none of this tonight and must endure it all before the Mistress and her friends.

The Club is totally silent as Mistress Boss releases the great whip and sends it in a wide arc towards the slave. It seems almost to reach it’s full length when, at the last second, just as it seems about to strike the slave’s raised and exposed buttocks, with an expert flick of her wrist she pulls the whip towards her. The braided end is now pulled into a much tighter arc accelerating its speed and power just as it reaches the slave’s waiting flesh. The sound is electric; a crack that brings a gasp from the crowd and a scream from the slave as a slender red line appears across the back of left buttocks and down between his thighs. As he fights the pain that still envelops him the whip slithers back to Mistress Boss. Taking careful aim she places another stroke just above the first curing it up and across both cheeks and wrapping the end around his flank. The slave screams again as his hands struggle to hold the bar. The next two strokes come in quick succession -- its bite perfectly placed in the soft skin between his cheeks. He knows that he must keep still for unlike the cane, a slight movement will ruin her timing and the stroke will not curl across this flesh. He tries to move slightly between the strokes but she urges him to keep still and somehow he does for several more strikes. Finally a very well placed stroke crosses the tops of his hips and he breaks down. "Mercy Mistress" he sobs shamelessly.

"Please Mistress, Mercy for your slave."

In a moment Mistress Boss is beside him -- her gloved hand reaches over and strokes the sweat from his head. She tells him that the worst is over and that he must try to remain still for just a little longer. The slave does not understand all of this but knows he must somehow try to remain still. He hears the familiar whistle of the cane and the back of his thigh erupts in a line of fire -- "It's only the cane," he thinks. "I can take the cane for my Mistress." Another line of fire marks him as he writhes against the leather of the bench, tears now pouring shamelessly from his face.


The slave hears the sound of the OWK slave's voice through a haze of pain yet only seem to recognize what it means when he feels Mistress Boss's gloved hand gently touch his shoulder. The whipping has stopped and she is standing close to him, talking to the slave but he is too dazed to comprehend what she is saying -- only that she has stopped whipping him. Rising slowly from the whipping frame, the black leather is wet and slick against the slave’s belly as he tries to stand. Mistress Boss grabs the ring in his collar and gently begins to lead the slave away from the frame. With his head bowed the crying slave meekly follows her towards the edge of the crowd. His legs are still weak and trembling and as he walks he can feel the striated skin of his cheeks rub slightly causing him to wince. Mistress Troy is standing just ahead of him in the crowd. Although his backside and the back of his thighs are alive with a fiery pain, all he wants to do is fall at her feet and curl up in a ball. The slave doesn't understand why his Mistress is smiling at him and tries to focus on what she is saying but someone else is demanding his attention.


The voice is right next to the slave and the force of its authority strikes him. Turning his head he finally recognizes the speaker as one of the judges. She is seated with the other judges on a row of chairs that was just to the side of the whipping frame. Gesturing with her whip she points to the floor at her feet. The slave stands dumbfounded for a moment and stares at her. She has turned her head to talk with the Mistress beside her then looks back at me. Am I to be beaten again?

"Get down and kneel here."

Her voice is now sharp. Clearly something more is expected of him and his stupidity and lack of comprehension are exasperating her. Suddenly he realizes how dimwitted and foolish he must seem to them.

Humiliated by his own stupidity he quickly falls to his knees and crawls to her feet. The slave now kneels just in front of them on the floor. Spreading his knees he raises his hips and displays himself to the judges. "Turn left-more-turn right." The slave on his hands and knees scurries to obey and crawls up and down in front of them. Their voices are sharp and quick, for after all, they are only talking to a slave on his hands and knees. He looks up for a moment and sees his Mistress watching him crawl before each of the judges. He knows that his behavior will reflect on her training and tries his best to obey the commands of the judges as a truly humble and submissive slave.

Finally they are done and he is dismissed. He crawls to the boots of his Mistress and she leads him to a low platform in the back of the club. He is so ashamed of his performance that he breaks down and cries -- burying his face in his hands. Mistress Troy and Mistress Boss both console the slave and complement him on his efforts to endure the beating. Their compassion only makes him feel worse since he believes that he has let them down so badly. In the background he hears the canes as several other contestants and their slaves come forward to compete for the prize. Finally, the contest is over and the judges gather to make their decisions. Several Mistresses come over to congratulate Mistress Boss on her performance and inspect the ass of the slave. Standing beside his Mistress, he obediently bends and presents himself to that entire wish to see.

As the judges return to the stage the club again grows quiet. They announce the Third place winner to polite applause -- the slave can still not believe that Mistress Boss has any chance. Many of the other slaves displayed almost perfect control as they were beaten and certainly none of them shamelessly begged for mercy as he had done. The second place winner is named and the applause is stronger -- as she comes forward to claim her prize everyone stands.

Finally, the Sublime Lady who served as the chief judge announces that Mistress Boss has won the prize. The club breaks out into prolonged applause. Mistress Boss and Mistress Troy embrace one another and accept the cheers of their friends. The slave is crying again -- but now his tears are joyous for his Mistress and Mistress Boss. As she comes forward to accept her trophy, Mistress Boss again reminds everyone that it was not her slave, but Mistress Troy's who she used and she calls Mistress Troy forward to stand next to her. The slave is now summoned and he crawls to the center of the floor -- proudly kneeling between the Mistresses boots.

Later as the music and the dancing resume many others come by to congratulate Mistress Boss and examine his well-whipped ass, which he proudly displays for all to see.

The slave knows that he has relearned an important lesson tonight. That all others, both Mistresses and slaves, see his actions and behavior as a reflection of the honor and respect that he accords his Mistress. He must never allow himself to become too self-conscious of his own embarrassment for it will limit his ability to fully subjugate himself to the service of his Mistress. His personal sufferings and feelings are and should remain unimportant to his real goal of serving his Mistress. During the next few days at the Kingdom this dedication will again be sorely tested, as his Mistress demands his prompt and submissive obedience.

MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix NYC New York City visited the OWK to enjoy submissive male slaves, other femdommes, fetish
			attire, slave auction, whipped ass contest, female domination and protocol training
This is the cage where Mistress Troy's slave slept after the contest at OWK. A benevolent Mistress allowed slave the comfort of a pillow and blanket.

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