Mistress Troy Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC, artwork by FemDom artist Sardax

Mistress Troy by Sardax

Sardax is a world-renowned FemDom artist who has been depicting the world of Female Domination though his illustrations and portraits for over 30 years. You can read and learn more about Sardax on his website: and blog: Sardax Blog


My portrait on Sardax's website:

The Art of Sardax blog: Portrait of Mistress Troy, February 2016

"Mistress Troy's Collection" by Sardax, January 2016

The seeds for this portrait were planted about a year after My third trip to The OWK (Other World Kingdom) in 2001. Slave b who attended Me on that trip (one of only two who experienced the great fortune of serving Me at The OWK) had discovered a website called "Sartopia" on the internet. He told Me about a write-up there by an artist named Sardax discussing why to buy a portrait of your Mistress. We talked about what kind of portrait I might like, but life has its distractions and the commission did not come to fruition until many years later.

The offer of a Sardax portrait came up again in September 2015 as a gift for My October 2015 birthday. I immediately accepted the gift this time, Sardax was contacted, and the process began. Slave b and I wanted an image of Me -- or us -- that incorporated at least a nod to our time together at The OWK (hence the medieval setting, similar to that of the cellar in Queen Patricia's Palace, and the covered male genitalia). However, the possibilities are almost limitless when Sardax is at his drawing board and ideas started to overflow. Slave b wanted Me to be happy with My portrait, so it was decided a "portrait" of Me would be created first and a picture of us at OWK would be saved for later. Sardax, who is exceptionally creative and full of captivating femdom visions, offered some enticing suggestions as our collaboration progressed. In the end, My portrait is a combination of one of the longest-held visions in My mind and input from My slave and Sardax. It highlights My femdom philosophy along with two of My strongest personal fetishes -- leather and boots.

UPDATE: 2018
Very sadly, My slave b passed away in 2017 and our "picture of us at OWK" that we "saved for later" will never happen. During the summer of 2017 he and I spent time working out the details of our next commission and we were preparing to contact Sardax. Two days after his final e-mail to Me he unexpectedly and suddenly died. I learned of his passing by searching for his obituary in January 2018. It was shocking and devastating news. I wrote about this in My January 17, 2018 "update" titled LOSS. Click here to read My post: LOSS


During a stay in London in May 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting the FemDom artist Sardax in person. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and conversation overlooking the River Thames. After lunch he honored Me by offering to do a sketch for Me. I am pleased to present that sketch here:

Sketch of Mistress Troy by Sardax, May 2017

Mistress Troy holding sketch by Sardax, London, May 2017

If you wish to commission a Sardax portrait for Me, or for that exquisitely special woman in your life, visit Sardax's websites for information:

The Femdom Art of Sardax:

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