MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC enjoys BDSM sessions and a variety of fetishes


Due to repair work in My dungeon, I am currently not doing sessions. Check My "Updates" page for information.

In My experience as a professional Dominatrix since 1995, the fetishes and BDSM activities highlighted on this page have been commonly requested in My BDSM sessions.

Other popular activities not mentioned here may be illegal, may require a license to perform in a professional context, and/or may create a violation of a local health code. Educate yourself about the laws and regulations of the city/town, state, and country in which you are searching for a professional Domina and be thoughtful with your words and requests when contacting any pro-Domme. Finally, keep in mind that all Dominatrixes who offer BDSM sessions face a variety of ongoing risks in doing so, including safety, legal, and financial issues.

My approach to FemDom is comprehensive and these are not the only areas that I will explore with a dedicated, obedient, and respectful submissive, slave, fetishist, or masochist. If something does not interest Me whatsoever, you will find it on My "TABOO" page.


Mistress Troy, New York City Dominatrix, Chastity Control, Key Holding, Masturbation Schedules

Chastity control through key holding or a masturbation schedule is something I have tackled numerous times over the years, and the experience has been largely disappointing, especially within a professional context. Indeed, I have a substantial collection of chastity devices (and assorted parts) from failed attempts.

Chastity control and key holding is a serious endeavor. It can yield positive and profound results when practiced in a methodical and earnest manner. However, for most males who claim an interest in "chastity," "key holding," and/or having a "masturbation schedule," it is little more than a fantasy they may contemplate aloud or possibly explore as limited/short-term fetish play. Every time I have commenced a pre-negotiated, long-term chastity control/key holding program, it quickly devolved into essentially an administrative task for Me. Not to mention the chore it is to deal with minions whining and/or frantic to have their chastity device removed once they are dismissed from My presence and the reality sets in.

I have experienced moments of pure joy while in possession of the key to a vassal's cock cage, but I have yet to establish a chastity/key holding program that 1) is ultimately not a burden to Myself, and 2) that genuinely enhances My life in some way, typically one of the main purposes of chastity control.

If and when I have a program to offer I will announce it on My "Updates" page. Until then, Mistress Ayn in Atlanta does have a program which you can check out here:

- Mistress Ayn's Remote Keyholding and Online Chastity Programs

As for short-term chastity control in sessions, of course! I utilize various methods to achieve My utmost satisfaction!


Mistress Troy NYC spanking caning discipline and corporal punishment sessions for spankos and spankophiles

For well-mannered and respectful spankophiles, spankos, and spankees, I offer a "spanking-only" session option with Me as The Spanker. This is a 45-minute session focused solely and completely on spanking, whether it be a domestic discipline over-the-knee (OTK) spanking, a severe judicial caning with no warm up, or any other agreed upon style and/or type of spanking. Along with My bare hand, I have a formidable collection of spanking implements including leather belts, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, rulers, canes, crops, paddles, flails, single-tails (snake, signal, and bullwhips), tawses, straps, and so on. Light bondage (bound wrists and/or ankles only) may be incorporated into the scene.

The 45-minute session length will be strictly enforced and the required Tribute is $400. This includes "chat" and decompression time. If you feel this is not enough time, you should return to booking the 2-hour minimum or more with Me. If you are disrespectful (or oblivious) of My time, I will resort to using an egg timer and/or require you to book the 2-hour minimum for future spankings.

My "spanking-only" session is available only to those who have had a successful first session with Me at the standard 2-hour minimum.

I look forward to reddening your bottom.


Dominatrix Mistress Troy NYC allows a few male slaves to kneel at Her bare feet

I am extremely discerning about where I place My feet, and I enjoy the adoration of only a few select and exceptional foot slaves and foot fetishists. For the genuine and respectful foot fetishist or connoisseur whose driving desire is to worship and bathe in the essence of My feet, I offer the option of a 1-hour session (as opposed to My 2-hour minimum) for a tribute of $500. You will be allowed to focus intensely on My feet without distraction. I may direct you on how best to satisfy Me with massage or perhaps you will simply inhale and be all consumed by My majesty.

Matters of Note:


Mistress Troy New York City is to be worshipped in Her stockings, nylons, pantyhose and tights

When adorning My long, slender legs with hosiery, I wear only the finest nylons, stockings, pantyhose, leggings and tights available. My predominately black collection of "leg coverings" comprises a selection of some of the world’s most exquisite hosiery. While My personal preference is an elegant, commanding appearance, I have a variety of styles and denier to accommodate almost any respectful request, including Cuban heel, back seam and fishnet. From the sheerest, silkiest stockings to the most opaque, lustrous tights, you will be mesmerized while kneeling before Me.

For a list of My favorite hosiery and additional related information, see My "Stockings, Pantyhose and Tights" Page.

If you desire a specific color, style or pattern that I do not already own, you should plan to send Me the particular item(s) in advance or present them to Me upon your arrival for our session.


Mistress Troy New York City has a stunning collection of leather gloves for glove fetishists to admire

I have a breathtaking collection of leather gloves, mostly black, in various styles. Your heart will race at the sight of My sexy and stern leather gloves as they adorn My hands and long arms. Perhaps you will adore My supple gloves as you kneel before Me and succumb to My mental and physical bondage. You may even feel My gloves on your flesh as they brush against your body or slap your face. Possibly you will be allowed to kiss My gloves. If, however, you request permission to lick or suck My leather-engulfed fingers or engage in any other experiences that will soil or damage My exquisite leather gloves, you must present a pair of gloves to Me that I will wear only with you. Two places you can purchase fine Italian leather gloves are Sermoneta (shops in Manhattan, Rome, Milan, and London) and Solo Classe (an online boutique), although I will consider other types of gloves as well.

My Glove Size: 8

See My Gift List for specific pairs of gloves I want.


MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York humiliates and dominates in BDSM, fetish and femdom sessions

Perhaps you will perform acts for Me that are utterly ridiculous and embarrassing, or maybe your feelings of humiliation are the result of My subtle, nuanced whispers while you lie restricted and helpless in My presence. Your humiliation may be the consequences of a miscreant's transgression or an amusing display commanded by Mistress for sport and merriment. Since there are many interpretations of “humiliation,” in your Introduction E-mail (see "Our First Session" page for details) you must include an explanation of “humiliating” scenarios you have experienced and/or fantasized about as well as “keywords,” “phrases,” “name-calling” and any other specific information describing your particular scene.


MISTRESS TROY Pro Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York financial domination and shopping slaves in BDSM, fetish and femdom sessions

Shopping trips can be fun, and fulfilling, with the right servant. I have enjoyed many shopping excursions with a few well-suited submissives over the years. These special outings are almost always the result of relationships that have evolved over a long period of time. However, there are also individuals who understandably wish to take Me on shopping sprees -- for shoes, boots, fetish and other women’s apparel, electronics, home furnishings, etc. -- with little interest in a dungeon setting or the associated SM activities. This form of service can work out delightfully well if certain conditions are met to My satisfaction.

If we have never met in person and your desire is to indulge Me in a day or more of shopping as you follow close behind with a loaded wallet, you will first have to perform these steps:

  1. You should send an “Introduction E-mail” as instructed on “Our First Session” page, clearly stating that you wish to be My “in-person shopping slave/servant"
  2. You will be required to submit a $100 tribute for My time to screen you, as described on “Our First Session” page
  3. You must book time to meet in My dungeon before our first shopping trip in order for Me to determine if you are sincere and if your behavior and attitude is acceptable to Me to be out in public with you

Once these requirements have been met to my satisfaction, the multitudinous joys of serving Me as I leisurely explore Manhattan’s chicest shopping venues can be yours.


I do not see couples, only individuals. Regardless of your gender you must follow precisely the instructions given on the "Our First Session" page if you wish an audience with Me.

Due to the number of session requests I received from couples leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, I may consider seeing couples at some point down the road. I will update My website if and when that happens.


I love to orchestrate scenes involving multiple male submissives. Unfortunately, following through with such an experience is frequently too much for many males to handle and they tend to "disappear," regardless of how deep the desire runs within them. As a result of this annoying pattern and the fact that it takes a great deal of time and effort on My part to schedule such an event, My full tribute, along with that of any other Domme I involve, is required before I will schedule the time or the other male sub(s). THE ENTIRE TRIBUTE IS NON-REFUNDABLE no matter what happens. If you do request a refund, I will direct you to this section of My website.

If you are interested in scenarios involving multiple males, whether you are ready for the reality or not, you should make Me aware in your "Introduction E-mail."


Mistress Troy NYC ProDomme does double-Domme, FemDom & BDSM sessions with Dominatrixes from New York and beyond

Sessions involving multiple Mistresses are available. These are some of the Dommes you may request to join us:

Full Tribute is required for the entire amount of time booked with each Dominatrix. You should put the Tribute for each Dominatrix in a separate, unsealed envelope clearly marked with the name of the Domme for whom it is intended.

A deposit is required for all multiple-Mistress sessions.

Travel expenses may be required for one or more Dommes. If relevant, this will be discussed and the required amount determined prior to booking.


MISTRESS TROY ProDomme Manhattan NYC New York female submissive gets flogging in BDSM, fetish and femdom sessions

While My website is geared toward the cis-male submissive/masochist, I adore the small group of women, transgender and non-binary people who serve and see Me for professional BDSM sessions. I expect no less from My female and non-binary applicants than from the males, so be sure to read My website and follow all the instructions when contacting Me.


For males who seek sessions that include submissive or "switch" females (cis or transgender), I do not provide or offer either.


Mistress Troy NYC Pro Domme lets cross-dressers and sissy sluts preform in girlie panties, stockings and high heels
            during BDSM, Femdom and fetish sessions

I do not specialize in total gender transformation -- more specifically: I do not provide wigs or makeup and I have a very limited selection of feminine clothing for you to wear. The items I have include panties, bras, garter belts, some of My used stockings, two corsets, a few nighties, and some high-heel pumps. You are welcome to bring your own garments or use Mine to engage in cross-dressing scenes with Me.

While in My domain, some cross-dressers may perform as sissy-maids, servants and/or entertainment. Others might be put into heels, stockings, panties and/or corsets to provoke feelings such as confinement, discomfort, and/or embarrassment. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination. As appropriate, I will incorporate various gender-bending training techniques and vocabulary.

Cross-dressers may enjoy these websites:


I do not barter "cleaning" or other services for "session time." A true service-submissive or houseboy/girl will find deep satisfaction and fulfillment in a job well-done for his/her Mistress. Your reward is being allowed to continue serving.

If you have skills to offer that are worth My thoughtful consideration, you may visit this page, DOMESTIC SERVICE POSITIONS, to learn about what I require and how to apply for a service position.


MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC New York Boots Leather Bondage Spanking

Boots, leather, bondage, and spanking have been My strongest personal fetishes for as long as I can remember, even as I restrained and tormented boys of My own age during My youth. If you share these fetishes, a solid foundation will exist for us to move forward.


I possess the following electrical boxes and a violet wand:

  1. ErosTek ET-312
  2. ErosTek ET-232
  3. ErosTek ET-302R (Two Channel Remote E-Stim)
  4. Folsom PSG-MAX
  5. Folsom PSG-202
  6. P.E.S. Power Box

I have a collection of electrodes and attachments that I use in sessions (disposable and reusable). Electric anal attachments should not be shared due to sterilization related issues; therefore, I do not provide them. If this is something you wish to explore, I have a small assortment of electric anal attachments for purchase in My dungeon. In the event you want to try one during our time together, each attachment is $100. Otherwise, I recommend that you purchase your desired equipment from any of these companies (I will provide guidance with your selection, if needed):

I only use electrical equipment designed for use on living creatures and I use it exclusively on humans. My arsenal includes electric remote dog training collars for the purpose of modifying your behavior.

I have neither a TENS or EMS unit nor an Electric Fly Swatter. I will not use a Relaxacisor, Taser, or Telephone Magneto. I do not own a Cattle Prod or Stun Gun, but I will consider using these items if you purchase them for Me and we have a thorough discussion beforehand.

I do not send electrical currents through the body above the waistline.

The electric toys available today make electric play seemingly “risk free,” especially in comparison with the devices used in the not-so-distant past; however, sending electrical currents through the body is edge-play and has the potential to cause severe bodily harm, and even death, if not executed in an educated and mindful manner. If you wish to engage in electric play with Me, you must inform Me of any history with the following conditions:

you should also let Me know if you have ever been non-consensually tortured with electricity.


Tickling is the fetish/activity for which I have probably received the most inquiries since I started offering professional FemDom sessions in 1995. Interestingly, not a single one of these contacts has resulted in a session of any kind. In My experience, e-mails from "tickle fetishists" and for "tickling-only sessions" have been a waste of My time and this has soured My interest in tickling sessions. However, over the years I have enjoyed many sessions in which My subject was bound and helpless and tickling evolved organically in a way that was fun, intensely torturous, and even a bit erotic. So, to answer the question "do you do tickling sessions?" yes I do, with you as the ticklee and Me as the tickler.

It is simple to book a tickling session with Me; just go to "Our First Session" page and follow the instructions given there.

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