Mistress Venus brings her subject to Mistress Troy for processing in New York City.

- submitted by Larry, 2020 -

Note from Mistress Troy:

In My July 9, 2020 "Update" I wrote, "...Mistress Venus brought her subject to My 'facility' for an intense 'procedure' with a 'specialist.' The procedure was slated for full photographic and written documentation. However, once the subject was secured in a leather body bag and hood, the camera was forgotten. There is still some hope, though, for a limited presentation of that day's events...."

What follows is the "limited presentation of that day's events."

French for “Amuse the Mouth”

In restaurants a single bite sized hors d’oeuvre not ordered from the menu but served according to the chef’s selection alone to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse of the chef’s style.

MISTRESS TROY and MISTRESS VENUS Dominatrixes NYC Double-Domme, FemDom, fetish, and BDSM sessions in private dungeon
Mistress Troy graciously allows the traditional end of session indulgence for the devoted shoe slave and fetishist: to sniff Mistress Venus’s Louboutin

MISTRESS TROY and MISTRESS VENUS Dominatrices New York City, a stocking fetishist earns a treat in a BDSM dungeon
A Mistress’s stocking in a bound slave’s mouth...a genuine “amuse bouche” for a stocking fetishist

For over twenty years I have been subject to the authority of Mistress Venus. She has always been simultaneously strict and generous such that, while she expects that certain standards will always be met, she is willing to use additional methods or “levers” to expand and deepen our sessions.

Chief among the “standards” was the requirement that no one who watched the end of a session would ever mistake it for something that ended with the phrase “job” . . . instead it was another method of humiliation and control. Any pleasure was going to be diluted by suffering . . . usually emotional, sometimes physical and occasionally both.

The most common “additional lever” was seeking the assistance of another person, sometimes simply a witness, sometimes an active Dominatrix, to help deepen the experience. Mistress Troy was kind enough to accept such a role several years ago and since then has been a semi-regular participant in our encounters.

Our most recent session was highly anticipated: for the first time (ever) Mistress Venus wanted another Mistress to be the primary authority enforcing those end of session “standards.”

Mistress Troy embraced the calling with her usual relentless attention to detail, from her “genuine” uniform to her imperious and clinical demeanor to the rigid immobilizing bondage. By the end of our time together that “requirement” was not just met, not just enforced, but in fact deepened and expanded.

As sometimes happens, the camera we intended to use to document the encounter had been put aside and largely forgotten. However, since there was no doubt that Mistress Troy’s approach would be explored again, in even greater depth, as soon as schedules permitted this was (at the time) only moderately vexing.

So why is this still only an “AMUSE BOUCHE”? Why just a small sample and not the main course? Well that second meeting has not taken place. Within days (literally) of this session, the global pandemic [COVID-19] that was at a low simmer in the US, became, in New York in particular, a rapid and violent and ultimately heartbreaking boil.

So this is just what the title implies . . . a small sample. Hopefully, in a not too distant future, it will include the appetizer, the main course, and maybe (with the indulgence of Mistress Troy) even more about the dessert . . . all for you to see.

MISTRESS TROY and MISTRESS VENUS Dominatrixes NYC fetish, FemDom, and BDSM sessions in private dungeon with Venus 2000

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