Slave to Mistress Troy

A celebration of the new millennium.

- submitted by slave richard, 2000 -

The silence was absolute. After several minutes the sharp click of steel on wood could be heard, followed by the almost silent opening and closing of the dungeon door, and then further silence. Through this second silence, as I knelt on all fours, with my butt projecting high into the air, an intense presence permeated the entire dungeon. Two booted feet emerged into view, with the right one being placed within inches of my mouth. As it came into focus, a riding crop whistled through the air, searing across my butt’s right cheek like an electric shock - the signal that I might kiss the toe of the right boot once, and briefly, before it was withdrawn, and the left boot slid into focus. Again, the riding crop whistled through the air, this time searing across my butt’s left cheek - the signal that I might kiss the toe of the left boot once, and briefly, before it too was withdrawn. The sharp click of steel on wood resumed, as Mistress Troy examined my naked body. The riding crop sent four further electric shocks through my body, two across each of my butt’s cheeks, with every stroke overlaying the previous one exactly. With her fingers mercilessly, and repeatedly, coursing the length of each welt, Mistress Troy announced her intention that she was ready to use me once more.

The command to rise, and stand before her, was sharp, yet inviting. Her examination of my body brief, yet thorough. Her seizing of my balls, painful, yet so natural. The restrainer was fitted swiftly, and securely, separating my balls extremely effectively. The command to lower my head was soft, even seductive, yet the collar was secured around my neck as securely as the restrainer had been secured around my balls. As the lead was secured to my collar, I knew Mistress Troy’s direct ownership of me had resumed. She owned my mind at all times, even when I was not in her presence, yet once I stood, or lay, before her, with my restrainer and collar secured, my body joined my mind in being owned by the most beautiful and elegant mistress imaginable.

In the hours that followed, Mistress Troy amused herself in her inimitable style, as my usage and training continued at her pleasure. My body, like my mind, became a stage for Mistress Troy’s desires. I was required to perfect yet further my various skills of service before being shaved, and required to endure Mistress Troy’s penetrating authority. Her further amusement was achieved by my experiencing a selection of her most recently acquired canes and whips for a millennium whipping - 2,000 strokes. As the hours passed, the experience included my being secured to the whipping post for a welt-raising single tail whipping, not as a punishment, but to provide Mistress Troy with an opportunity to perfect her single tail technique. For her relaxation, I was required to worship at Mistress Troy’s booted, and then bare, feet while enduring a full five hundred stroke flogging. Whatever the command, I obeyed. If the standard of my obedience did not meet Mistress Troy’s exacting standards, I was then mercilessly punished. If Mistress Troy ever desired a respite from my presence, I was secured either in her confinement cell, or in one of her cages, there to remain motionless until my presence was again required, any movement, whatsoever, resulting in exemplary punishment.

I am owned by Mistress Troy, I serve her for her pleasure and amusement. To be enslaved by her is the ultimate expression of existence, of being. Her beauty is augmented by her authority, her elegance is enhanced by her sensuousness, and her commands are invitations to experience a presence that evokes a complete, and irreversible, acceptance of her sovereignty, and of my own slavery.

richard, slave to Mistress Troy

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