MISTRESS TROY Professional Dominatrix Manhattan NYC enjoys several brands and styles of stockings, pantyhose, nylons, and tights


As mentioned on the "Specific Fetishes" page of this website, hosiery in all its forms: stockings, thigh-highs, nylons, pantyhose, tights, and leggings are an integral part of My wardrobe both in session with My slaves, submissives and fetishists and also during My daily activities. As a professional Dominatrix and fellow hosiery and legwear enthusiast I have created this page for those interested in exploring this fetish in greater depth. It should help inform anyone from a basic hosiery fancier looking for the perfect small gift to present to his Domme to a committed “stocking slave” desperate to please his dominant Mistress.


Below is a list of legwear (past the glossary) -- running the gamut from the sheerest stockings to the most opaque tights -- with which I have firsthand experience and that also meet with My approval. When My active private life and My intense approach to training My slaves and submissives is combined with My own personal affinity for legwear the result is a genuine need to regularly replace and update My inventory. As with My Gift List, the items on this page represent "safe" and pleasing options for those looking to make a good first -- and continuing -- impression. Nevertheless, the world of legwear is almost infinite in its variety and I welcome the opportunity to discover new brands and styles with the discerning slave, submissive, and/or fetishist. So if you have a specific interest in a brand, style, or color not shown here but which you think I would appreciate and enjoy during our session you are invited to make a respectful inquiry and, if I find it intriguing, you will be allowed to provide a sample before or during our time together.

SIZE: I put a size next to each item listed below. If, however, you wish to present Me with something that is not mentioned here, it will be helpful to keep this in mind: Generally, hosiery tends to run short on Me. Stockings do not easily reach the tops of My long legs and the crotches of pantyhose and tights rest too low. In most cases a Large or 4 will fit. If this does not make sense with the sizing system being used, choose something a size bigger than your guess.

COLOR: As the list shows, My preferred color is black. I also often wear shades of brown (chocolate, espresso, etc.) and nude shades that are similar to My skin tone. I will consider other colors.


In alphabetical order:

Control Top

A description of pantyhose/tights in which the upper portion is not only opaque but also designed to provide some element of compression ranging from moderate to very firm.


A number denoting how sheer or opaque hosiery is. The lower the number the sheerer and more transparent it will be on the leg. The higher the number the more opaque. An expanded explanation of "Denier" can be found at the bottom of this page.


An open weave commonly seen in images of dancers and burlesque artists, as well as many stock images of Dominatrices. Quality fishnet stockings are one of the best examples of the difference between the brands listed here and those found at lower price points. Well-made fishnets are more durable, better fitting and avoid the shabby detail work that can make them look tawdry or inconsistent with the image a dominant mistress wants to project.

Fully Fashioned (FF)

"Full" or “Fully Fashioned,” sometimes shortened simply to “FF”
Genuine fully fashioned stockings evoke the glamour and style of the golden era of Hollywood, the attention to detail of the early mistresses and masters of haute couture such as Coco Channel and Christian Dior and the cool and unyielding image of the British governess and disciplinarian. Genuine versions of these stockings feature the large reinforcement across the bottom of the foot, which extends over the heel ending in a squared off “Cuban” heel or the pointed “French” heel. The welt at the top of the stocking has a traditional “keyhole” at the back and the seam is not an added decoration, but instead how the stocking, which is knit flat, is sewn together. Usually very sheer and made of nylon with little or no stretch, fit is important both for comfort and to make sure the small wrinkles at the ankles and knee often appreciated by fans of this style do not become obtrusive.

Pantyhose / Tights

What those in the United States refer to as pantyhose are more commonly referred to as tights in many other countries. As such on many high end websites products listed as tights will look similar to what we often see for sale in the U.S. under the pantyhose category, not the heavier more opaque style we associate with the word “tights” in the U.S.

Reinforced Heel and Toe (RHT)

“Reinforced Heel and Toe,” sometimes shortened to RHT
These stockings feature a large darker reinforcement not only over the toe but also a separate and distinct one on the heel. Like “Fully Fashioned” stockings they evoke for many people a different time and place, but do so more discreetly than their more ornate “fully fashioned” companions.


With the exception of genuine “fully-fashioned” stockings (also defined in this glossary) the seam down the back of the leg is merely decorative.


A description of pantyhose/tights in which the upper “panty” portion of the material has the same denier as the leg portion. While there may be some reinforcement around the waistband for durability or in other portions for the same reason, in the main the material is uniformly sheer from the toes to the waist band.


A generic term that when used properly refers to hosiery that require garters (also known as suspenders in the United Kingdom) to hold them up.

Thigh-Highs / Stay-Ups

These terms both refer to hosiery that should, given a correct fit, stay up without a garter belt through a somewhat sticky elasticized band (often lace) at the top.


The large dark band of layered material at the top of a stocking that provides a thicker and more durable material for a garter clip to hold onto. Welt sizes can vary and are often an area of particular aesthetic interest.

A note on cost: For those just starting to explore this fetish or whose experience with hosiery has been limited to commercial brands found in drug and department stores the prices can seem jarring. However, I can assure you that the brands listed here feature a superior fit, matchless visual appeal, and are often more durable than what you find on the average store shelf. As with so many things genuine quality requires an investment of both money and time, but those who consider themselves established or budding connoisseurs will find the return on that investment well worth it. Like many Mistresses, I notice the thought and investment.


Mistress Troy's Stockings Diagram


Fully-Fashioned Heel Styles


+ Denotes the most recent addition(s) and/or change(s) to this list

! Denotes current high-priority and urgently needed items


Mistress Troy NYC sessions for stocking fetishists

From Secrets in Lace (made in the United States and Great Britain)

! Alisha 7 Denier RHT, Denier: 7, Size: L, Color: Black

+ ! Dana Sheer Heel, Size: L, Color: Black (a great basic "session stocking")

Jana Sheer Heel & Toe, Denier: 15, Size: L, Color: Black

From Shapings (based in Canada, selling many brands of fine hosiery, shapewear, bras and girdles)

Cervin, Paris, Capri 7 Stocking, Denier: 7, Size: 4, Color: Black

Scroll down for a selection of Cervin Paris stockings, Style: Any, Color: Black preferred but open to all colors, Size: 4

Gio, Memphis Full Fashioned Stockings, Denier: 15, Size: 10, Color: Black

From StockinGirl (based in the United States)

Seraphina Pure Luxurious 100% Silk Stockings, Denier: 15, Color: Black, Size: XLarge

From Touchable (designed and made in the United Kingdom)

Fully-Fashioned Plain Colour Stockings, Heel Style: Any, Color: Black is always needed but any color acceptable, Size: Large

+ ! Fully-Fashioned RHT Plain Stockings, Denier: 15, Color: Black is always needed but any color acceptable, Size: Large

A page of Fully-Fashioned Stockings, Heel Style: Any, Color: Black preferred but open to all colors, Size: Large


Mistress Troy NYC sessions for pantyhose fetishists

From Capezio

Professional Fishnet Seamless Tight, Color: Black, Size: Medium/Tall

Professional Fishnet Tight with Seams, Color: Black, Size: Medium/Tall

From Shapings (based in Canada, selling many brands of fine hosiery, shapewear, bras and girdles)

Aristoc, Ultra Shine Pantyhose, Denier: 10, Size: L, Color: Black

Cecilia de Rafael, Eterno 15 Pantyhose, Denier: 15, Size: 5, Colors: Dore and Natural (Extreme shine pantyhose!)

Cecilia de Rafael, Gemini 20 Pantyhose, Denier: 20, Size: 4, Color: Negro

Cecilia de Rafael, Rubino 22, Denier: 22, Size: 4, Color: Negro

Cecilia de Rafael, Sevilla Chic Pantyhose, Denier: 15, Size: 4, Color: Te/Black Seam

Cecilia de Rafael, Vidrio 15, Denier: 15, Size: 4, Color: Negro

Filodoro, Diana 40, Size: 4, Color: Nude Shades and Black

A page of Gabriella Pantyhose, I like most styles and colors on this page so you may surprise Me, Size: 4

Platino, Cleancut 15 Pantyhose, Denier: 15, Size: 4, Color: Negro

A page of Platino Pantyhose, I like most styles and colors on this page so you may surprise Me, Size: 4

Silvia Grandi, Riga 15 Pantyhose, Denier: 15, Size: 4XL, Color: Nero/Black

Silvia Grandi, Top 20 Lucido, Denier: 20, Size: 4XL, Color: Nero/Black


Mistress Troy NYC sessions for tights fetishists

From Wolford

Cashmere/Silk Tights, Size: L, Color: Black or Mocca

Mat Opaque 80 Tights, Size: L, Color: Black or Mocca

Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights, Size: L, Color: Black or Mocca


My worn hosiery is NOT available for sale through this website. When hosiery of any sort is damaged or simply reaches the end of its useful life it is reserved for slaves, submissives, and fetishists who serve me in person, and do so with distinction.


Denier is the number denoting how sheer or opaque hosiery is. The lower the number the sheerer and more transparent it will be on the leg. The higher the number the more opaque.

While there are no set definitions a reasonable guideline would be:

Below 15 Denier: Ultra Sheer (and therefore inevitably more fragile)

15-25 Denier: Sheer Hosiery

25-35: Semi-Opaque

40: Sometimes called “Service Weight” these often fall on the line between semi-opaque and opaque. This “density” of leg wear (and the name it is given) is an older standard from an era when hosiery was both an everyday item but also somewhat more expensive relative to incomes. The slightly heavier density and the resultant improved durability make this a reasonable choice for slaves and fetishists interested in or required to wear hosiery during in person sessions.

40 and above: Opaque

Given the variety of options available in legwear this is not an ironclad guide. The quality of material, design, color, manufacturing methods and even the precise skin tone will all play a role in how legwear appears when it is worn.

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